15 Times T-Shirts Went Too Hard

The internet has a peculiar ability to make someone famous or unpopular without ever mentioning who that person is or where they are from. However, viral fame is still fame. Take, for instance, the individuals who gained popularity for simply wearing crappy t-shirts on a day like any other just to have their picture taken.

See for yourself how cringe-worthy some of these garbs are. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to be a better person. Here are 15 T-shirts that went too hard.

Don’t worry, ladies, this guy can go all night! Binging anime, playing Baldur’s Gate 3, all that good stuff.

All this photo needs is a little spittle of drool coming from the man’s mouth. Juicy-juicy, bacon!

I hear you, Grandma. Let the hatred take over!

At least someone has their priorities in check. Fedoras are cool again, right?

As the old adage says: If everyone’s different, nobody is. These guys just prove it.

I love Nirvana’s greatest hit – “Mmmbop”! They’re so much cooler than those losers from Hanson.

We can’t blame the man for having standards. Plus, he’s an excellent cook!

There are things in this god-forsaken world that you should keep to yourself. Announcing that you pee in the pool is definitely one of them.

Who’s the loser now, you boba-sipping Zoomers?

As if you couldn’t tell by the heavily bandaged hand, this guy does dumb stuff.

Here’s the real question: does Bieber respect real men?

What you do with your money is not anybody’s business.

Do you think misspelling the word “college” was intentional, or is someone that stupid?

It takes a whole team and a big van to kidnap a big guy. Alternatively, a “Free Pizza” sign could do the job just fine.

Hey, Gramps, it’s time to take your pills. There are no elephants in the womb. But we do appreciate the pun!

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