The Amazing Stories Behind How Your Favorite Foods Got Its Name!

Maggi or Nachos or Sandwiches aren’t these names enough to bring water into the mouth. These foods have become every youngster’s favorite and their popularity is not limited only to young people.

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Surely you will also be crazy about them, but have you ever thought from where these foods got their name? You probably would not know how these food items were named! Why is a sandwich called sandwich or who named Maggi as Maggi?

In case, if you don’t know how these foods got their name, let us tell you today the interesting story of naming some popular foods.

1. Nachos

In 1943, Nachos got its name after Chef Ignacio Anya whose nickname was Nacho. Initially, it was Fried Tortilla with cheddar cheese, jalapeno, and black pepper. When the customers asked about the name of this dish, the chef responded that it is Nachos Specials, which were later shortened to Nachos.

2. Maggi

Everyone’s favorite Maggi got its name from Julius Michael Johans. This man invented precooked soup and Maggi sauce. The idea behind making this was to prepare healthy packaged foods for the working-class people and in the year 1886 Maggi ready to use soup was invented. Later Instant Noodles Maggi reached India in 1983 and became quite popular.

3. Sandwich

The name of the dish was named the ‘Sandwich’ after the 18th century’s British noble John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. In fact, John wanted to keep the cold meat in between the two slices of bread so that he could continue playing cards and his hands get not dirty at the time of having the meal.

4. Tunde Kebab

You must be surprised to know that the person who invented this dish was named chef Haji Murad Ali and he was helpless with one hand. The name of this dish was named after his helplessness. Despite being disabled, he used to make such soft kabab using 160 spices that can be eaten by a Nawab who had no teeth in his mouth. The Tunde kebab was so soft that dissolved in the mouth of the Nawab and he did not have to chew it.

5. Indian flavored Sauce

Lord Marcus Sandy, the former Governor of Bengal was credited to make this sauce. Indeed, after returning to England’s Westchester from India, he began to miss Indian food there, so handed over the task to 2 people making the sauce of which recipe he brought from India.

6. Chicken Tetrazzini

The credit of the discovery of this dish goes to San Francisco and the name of this dish is dedicated to opera star Luisa Tetrazzini.
These are the stories of naming popular foods. Isn’t it quite interesting? The stories of naming them are equally good as these foods are.