The New Proposed Annual Calendar Has 13 Months And 28 Days Each Month

An image shared on Reddit that explains the “Standard Year” has gone viral. The image created by Xerhino been viewed over a million times and has generated nearly 5,000 comments.

The International Fixed calendar, also known as “Cotsworth plan,” is a solar calendar first proposed in the early 1900s.

The calendar has 13 months each with 28 days. Every date is fixed on the same weekday, which means the 18th of each month will always fall on a Wednesday.

An extra day is added to the end of the year, often called “Year Day” or “New Years’ Day.” Each month begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday.


While the calendar would be much easier to use, what happens if your birthday was on January 30? And do we really want a Friday the 13th every month (although this could be fixed if the calendar was changed for the first day of each month to be on Monday instead of Sunday).

While the calendar has never been adopted in any country, it was the official calendar at Kodak until 1989.