10 Interesting Facts On Cigarettes That You Can’t Live Without Smoking

There are numerous astonishing and worth-remembering facts about cigarette smoking. A few decades back, it was considered to be a habit of the elderly and those individuals who were in their adulthood. But things have really changed now. Today, even children who have barely crossed the 10 year age mark also love to engage in smoking. It can be said that smoking-related activities are of the most interest to them.

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Some take it up as a fashion symbol, while others consider it to be their need. No matter how hard might one try, it is really difficult to get rid of something that is spread in your blood. Yes, your blood might get used to nicotine intake. If you do wish to quit smoking, then the only way out is unknown. It might sound weird, but no matter how hard some people might try, they simply can’t just quit smoking. Nicotine patches are offered as a solution to this problem, but for some people, they also fail to work.

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While analyzing the facts about smoking, some of which are more than interesting, you will realize that it is something that most of the people in the world in form or the other. For example, while in a wild-party with weed and cigarettes everywhere, you might be smoking yourself. Even if you do not like cigarettes, you might have no other choice than to inhale some of it. “Saying no Tobacco” might sound easy, but in reality, it is not.

How used to you are with smoking is a factor that determines the time you will need to quit smoking. You can’t just quit smoking by making a promise to your fiance, wife or to your children. It is something that demands a lot of time and effort. So if you plan to quit smoking, be determined and hard-minded. You will need to convince yourself that you don’t need nicotine to make you feel good about your life or yourself. At the same time, your stress can never be reduced or removed with smoking.

After having said all this, now you can read about the 10 most interesting facts about cigarette smoking:

10. Mortality Rate

Tobacco is one of the leading causes of death in the present times. According to an estimate, around 400,000 or more people die in the US on a yearly basis due to smoking. The estimates from the other countries, especially from the third world countries are still unknown.

9. Legal Drug

It is a legal drug in almost all countries of the world. It sounds a bit weird to me keeping in view the number of people who lose their lives because of this nasty habit. If it is to be controlled, then declaring it illegal be the first step.

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8. First Ban

President Nixon is the person to be credited for initiating the 1st formal ban on smoking. At the same time, displaying the warning signs on the cigarette packs was also the same person’s initiative.

7. Immunity

The immunity system of smokers is weaker than the normal individual. As the number of anti-oxidants in the blood is reduced, smokers tend to be more prone to different forms and classes of diseases.

6. Sugar

Most of the people who smoke don’t even know the amount of sugar they are taking in. Research suggests that smoking a single pack on a daily basis adds more sugar to the blood and the body than what is required. It contains 20 % or more sugar components, so if you are a regular smoker and don’t exercise, now is the time to worry.

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5. The country with the lowest rate of Smoking

There are still areas and regions in the world where most people do not smoke at all. I will call them intelligent and smart. Most of these people can be traced out in India, Africa, Ethiopia and in a number of other regions. It is also believed that most of the tobacco companies in these regions are not doing well.

4. Life Span

Although there is a great deal of skepticism about the researches on smoking and the lifespan. But one thing is for sure i.e. a weakened immune system makes you prone to different diseases, thus increasing the probability of your death. So if you do not wish to die before your time, stop smoking right now.

3. Urea

There are a number of low-quality cigarettes that use urea as a component. Even some of the high profile cigarette brands have been found to have a presence of urea. In simple words, smoking is like drinking your own urine. Nasty isn’t it.

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2. Carcinogens

Nicotine happens to be one of the many factors that cause cancer. Other devastating components include ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and many more.

1. Nicotine Content

Along with the number of companies that manufacture cigarettes, the nicotine content is also on the rise. A number of researches have confirmed a dramatic increase in nicotine intake.  No matter what is the quality of the brand that you use, it will kill you. Those who smoke are actually paying for their own murder.

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