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10 Things From Modern Day Lives That We Should All Calm Down About!

We all tend to take life a little too seriously and it wouldn’t kill us to slow down every once in a while. Everyone is busy running this rat race and we all need to learn something – no one is winning from this! We hear success stories around us and wonder why we aren’t there yet and aspire to be something more or someone else which isn’t always a bad thing.

But it can have a negative effect if you don’t learn to reign it in and control how you see yourself and your achievements. So here’s a list of things that you really need to calm the f**k down about!

1. How many likes our posts get on social media or how many people comment on our statues.


Source: buzzfeed.com

Everyone only posts the highlight reel of their life on social media so stop comparing yourself to others and wonder why you aren’t living it up like them! Stop caring if people like your pictures because it really doesn’t prove anything!

2. What other people are doing with their life and their preferences when it comes to drugs and alcohol.


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If someone wants to drink or smoke or smoke up, it’s their fucking choice. You do not have the right or the authority to judge them or even pass comments on how they choose to spend their time.

3. Having what everyone else thinks is a ‘perfect body’.


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If you’re healthy and happy then that’s all that matters. You do not have to be a size zero and starve yourself to death just because that’s what societal norms dictate as looking beautiful. You are your own beautiful.

4. Not being where you thought you would be at the age you’re at.


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So you’re in your twenties and you haven’t figured out what to do with the rest of your life? Guess what!? That’s everybody around you. You’re not the only one and you will definitely figure shit out along the way.

5. What everyone else thinks of us and how they judge us.


Source: tumblr.com

RuPaul once said ‘What people say behind my back is none of my business’ and I completely agree. People will talk no matter what you do so just stop giving a rat’s ass. It’s only going to cause you grief.

6. About not being married or not having a significant other in your life.


Source: magpielibrarian.files.wordpress.com

If you’re happy being single, then it really doesn’t matter. Learn to be content with yourself before seeking contentment outside. A relationship might bring you stability but only you can control your own happiness.

7. Who’s sleeping with whom and who’s dating whom.


Source: popxo.com

You’re not in high school anymore and this sort of trivial gossip isn’t going to do you any good. Concentrate on what you want to do and achieve instead of focusing on what other people are doing.

8. What the people who we once knew are up to now.


Source: tumblr.com

Whether it’s your ex or close friend that you’ve lost touch with, stop focusing on what has gone. If they were meant to be a part of your life and truly cared for you, they would still be around.

9. That party you wouldn’t be caught dead at but you’re annoyed because you weren’t invited.


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So you didn’t receive an invite to a party – a big deal. Take this as an opportunity to stay in, relax and watch your favorite T.V. shows for a change. It is not the end of the world!

10. Not having ‘too many friends’ or a huge social circle.


Source: tumblr.com

I’ve always felt that having a few close friends around is better than surrounding yourself with a thousand fake friends! Only those people who have your back should have the right to remain an integral part of your life.

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10 Things From Modern Day Lives That We Should All Calm Down About!

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