September 17, 2020

12 Bhojpuri Actors Having Eerie Resembles With Their Bollywood Counterparts’ On Screen Personalities

Bhojpuri cinema has established itself as a cult film industry with a massive fan following both inside and outside the country. Bhojpuri films have come a long way in terms of the quality of its content. There was a time when not many people knew about the existence of Bhojpuri cinemas. It is very different when it comes to screenplay and cinematography compared to Bollywood, nevertheless, the Bhojpuri film industry remains a force to be reckoned with.

For some reason, we thought of what if Bhojpuri actors worked in Bollywood, which personality of present Bollywood would resemble them. We have put together a list of Bhojpuri actors and actresses alongside their Bollywood equivalents. The comparison may not be accurate as it is like comparing apples and oranges. Some have the same hair, others have the same facial features — may have both or nothing in common. But one thing remains constant, their on-screen personalities are quite identical.

These actors are compiled with their similarities on the roles they play on-screen. Some of them are very much alike in their selection of movies and the character they portray on screen. We have also taken into consideration the stature of Bollywood actors and have tried the best to find relevant counterparts in the Bhojpuri film industry.

39 Bollywood Actresses And Their Unmistakable Doppelganger

Amrapali Dubey and Sonakshi Sinha

Dinesh Lal Yadav and Saif Ali Khan

Anjana Singh and Parineeti Chopra

Kheshari Lal Yadav and Akshay Kumar

Rani Chatterjee and Vidya Balan

Pawan Singh and Ajay Devgn

Antara Biswas and Kareena Kapoor Khan

Ravi Kishan and Salman Khan

Kajal Raghwani and Anushka Sharma

Akshara Singh and Deepika Padukone

Manoj Tiwari and Aamir Khan

Subhi Sharma and Kangana Ranaut

What do you think of the comparison? Do you know of any other actors that would fit in the list above? Share with us and we shall add it to the post.

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