September 17, 2020

17 Must Do Things If You Are Planning To Visit Warsaw

If you ever get a chance to travel Central Europe, make sure you have Poland on your list. Poland is truly a hidden jewel tucked away from modern-day tourist destinations. The nation has the history as magnificent as the country itself. Warsaw, or as the locals call it, Warszawa, is breathtaking at its best. The city has plenty of attractions that will make you fall in love with the city.

Warsaw is the right mixture of history and modernization. On one side you have high-rise buildings with all modern amenities and the other side you have Old Town that has witnessed some of the major events that have changed the world forever.

For the traveler, Warsaw’s rich and turbulent history, beautiful architecture, hidden corners, the abundance of green spaces to relax in, fine restaurants, cheap eateries, and cool quirky bars are its main draws. The best time to visit Warsaw is late spring and early fall.

There are many things which we can do in Warsaw but below are some of the major things that you shouldn’t miss while visiting the city:

Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science or Plac Kultury, which was built in the 1950s and is the building that dominates the skyline in Warsaw. There are tours that take you behind closed doors, before going up to an observation deck on the 30th floor for views of the city below.

Music Festivals

Warsaw serves you with funky street festivals, edgy art openings, Chopin-inspired music festivals which is very fascinating.

Local cuisines

The traditional cuisine of Poland is “Pierogi” which is considered to be the National dish of Poland. They’re a stuffed dumpling; typically, they are steamed and then they’re fried and they come in a variety of different flavors.

Diverse Group

The number of international students continues to grow in Poland, especially at Warsaw. Warsaw has become one of the preferred destination for Erasmus exchange program within the European Union. Also, students from all parts of world are making Poland their choice for further study.

Warsaw University Library Garden

Warsaw University Library Garden is a very unique garden, where you can swing by the rooftop gardens at the University Library.


Warsaw has established itself as one of Europe’s top nightlife destinations where there are numerous vibrant clubs and bars, dance floor which hosts popular DJs every weekend, music clubs which is very interesting. Warsaw has a lively bar culture and plenty of places where visitors can eat well – and cheaply.

Bicycle Ride

Touring the city in a for-hire bicycle is one of the best ways to experience Warsaw. The city is very bicycle friendly with plenty of designated bicycle lanes.

Boat Cruise

Hiring a boat to cruise down the Vistula River to see Warsaw’s riverside beaches and gaze at the Old Town off in the distance would be one of the best boat trips.


Pawilony or The Pavilion is located at the very heart of the city, Nowy Swiat. You can go bar-hopping to maximize your time and meet new friends can be interesting too.

Old Town

Warsaw’s old town is essential viewing for tourists where we can see a splash of colors.  The notable landmarks of the Old Town are the Royal Castle, King Sigismund’s Column, Market Square and the Barbican.

Lazienki Park

Warsaw’s oldest public park, the Saxon Garden and the biggest public park, Lazienki Park is a must visit.

Drink By The Vistula

You can BYOB and drink along the Vistula River or simply visit many bar-joints by the river.

National Stadium

If you a sports lover then National Stadium is the place to be. Also, if you at the appropriate time, then you can get yourself a ticket to Legia Warszawa’s match and immerse yourself into Polish football fanatics.

Zalew Zegrzynski

The Zegrze Reservoir is a man-made reservoir in Poland, located just north of Warsaw. You can swim, get on the speedboat or just drink beer looking at the massively wonderful reservoir.

Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum, in the Wola district of Warsaw, Poland, is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The museum is a must for everyone who wants to learn about the history of Warsaw and to understand the city.

Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday is a traditional feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. It falls 6 days before Ash Wednesday.

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Copernicus Science Center

The Copernicus Science Centre is a real treat for science lovers. Have a go at making your own experiments and find out what it felt like for Neil Armstrong to take his first step on the Moon.

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