September 21, 2020

18 Things That Happens At Ladies’ Toilets That Nobody Speaks About

First Rule about the fight club is that you don’t talk about it, it is the same with ladies’ toilets too. It’s impossible to classify whether these things are serious or funny. It depends on you, I guess. Restrooms are one place where every woman gets that feeling of freedom she can never describe. Well, that’s how bad the outside world treats her.

1. When you want to maintain silence but that fart just couldn’t be held in any longer. Your best friend sure as hell heard it, yet the bomb remains unspoken of.

2. The irritating noise that sanitary towel wrappers make is totally okay here no matter how loud it is.

3. When your poop’s attempt to suicide in the toilet water is so loud but you try to cover it up with coughs and try clearing your throat.

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4. When you fart and poop makes that weird decision of coming out together. Okay, that noise is a whole different one. Not to worry, we won’t breathe a word.

5. It is totally cool to ask out loud for tampons.

6. When it is taking more than 7 minutes, you can conclude that they are either taking a dump or putting in a tampon.

7. Worst nightmare? Dropping a floater. Solution: It is the universal code, DOUBLE FLUSH.

8. All of us leave a smell (far from fragrant) when we leave the restroom. Coolest part? We act like we don’t even know about it. That takes a lot of skill in public, come on!

9. We are terribly sorry and everything, but it felt helpless when the poop ruined the toilet bowl (entirely). But since we are angels too, we caution every other woman in the loo to not use it. Kind-hearted? Yup

10. The same rules and protocols apply for Period blood too.

11. Basically, you form these impromptu bonds with total strangers which are strong as steel. Step outside of the restroom zone and your usual sober self is completely restored.

12. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, the poop splashes water on to your butt. Cringe Cringe Cringe!

13. This is the real chamber of secrets. God knows, what bizarre things the bathroom walls have heard.

14. It’s during night outs that some really serious situations come up. An unbreakable sisterhood (that exists only inside the toilets) is made.

15. Being in the same cubicle as your best friend and talking about serious/dumb life issues while one of them is weeing. That’s bliss.

16. Someone in the squad has brought makeup? It is meant for the entire squad.

17. It is the hug zone. Give and receive hugs from people you don’t even recognize and call them your fam!

18. You can make compliments that are as good as Shakespeare’s sonnets. But let’s just boil it down to, “Dayum! You are so hot!”

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