54 Things Every Guy Wishes A Girl Would Know About Them

Guys are different from girls and every girls should know these facts about a guy. 5 min

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Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Its only natural to have different characteristics and thought process. Girls like makeups, and guys like video games. Its a matter of interest, mutual co-operation is the key for any successful relationship. Respect and giving some space for each other is necessary for a good relationship. Guys are different from girls and every girls should know these facts about a guy.

  1. Guys don’t have supernatural abilities. Just speak your mind!
  2. Guys don’t want to be put-up as a dummy to make your friends envy.
  3. Flirting with other girls is normal. Before going to bed, we only think of the girl we love. No one else.
  4. You smoking always are big turn-off. Say no to smoking.
  5. Hit the gym and stay fit, that’s a turn-on.
  6. When a guy is in love and says I love you, he means it.
  7. Arguments should preclude anything said before six months. All Comments will void after seven days.
  8. Fine or whatever should not be used to end a fight. We need results.
  9. Don’t expect reel life romance in real life. Movies are scripted.
  10. Replicating models is not going to help you. They are made for models in fashion magazines only.
  11. You should only talk to me, if you like me.
  12. The rose I gave you is from my money for lunch, just accept it.
  13. Reassurance is much-needed that you still love me.
  14. If you act like bitch, your beauty won’t matter and you would have to go your way. Adios!
  15. Once again, just speak what is on your mind.
  16. Guys are emotional. Its lot harder for us to let go, than it is for you.
  17. Guy could go to any extremes, just so that you would notice him.
  18. Detailing is our forte. Don’t complain if we don’t notice when you got a quarter of an inch haircut.
  19. Porn movie is also an entertainment.
  20. If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask questions. We can’t lie.
  21. A satisfactory excuse to delay any serious talk would be “Game on”.
  22. Put on the apron, it makes you all more gorgeous.
  23. Don’t get mad if your match-making with your girlfriend and my buddy does not go well.
  24. Remote control stays with the guy, no matter what.
  25. Video games are the most effective means of entertainment.
  26. Criticizing his driving is intolerable.
  27. Asking for direction is not acceptable.
  28. When a guy says I miss you, he misses you more than you could have missed him.
  29. Guys’ night out means drinking. Except it.
  30. It’s a fact, 99.9% of the time men sincerely don’t imply to hurt you.
  31. Guys are overprotective about their relationship, deal with it.
  32. Talking about your ex-boyfriend is intolerable.
  33. When a guy shares his problem to you, don’t give advice. We just need someone to listen.
  34. Leaving a voice-mail with “never mind” is not appropriate. At least say some words.
  35. Teasing you is a sign that he likes you.
  36. Guys love you more than you love them.
  37. Yet again, speak you mind.
  38. When you are laying your head on a guy’s chest, he has the whole world.
  39. Guys talk about beauty or sex appeal, but personality holds the key.
  40. When a guy says he is crazy about you, he really is. Although, it happens rarely.
  41. When a guy talks serious with you, something is up! Just listen.
  42. Guys have more problem than you can see. Don’t bother asking him.
  43. Guys will look into other girls whenever he sees them.
  44. Asking you out and paying for dinner is what girls like. We will do it only once a month, not every day.
  45. When a guy calls you every day, he is in love.
  46. When a guy likes every status of yours in Facebook, he is either stalking or he is in love.
  47. When a guy stares at you, he thinks you are the most beautiful thing in the whole world.
  48. When a guy is quiet, he’s listening to you. Eyes are not needed for listening.
  49. Guys are not psychic, say what’s on your mind.
  50. Making girlfriend happy is always a priority. The problem is we don’t know how to.
  51. You broke up with a guy, and if the guy truly loved you. Getting you back would be his one wish; he would ask if genies were real.
  52. Beauty and brain never goes together, we know that. Guys will prefer girls with brain.
  53. Not all guys are jerk. No stereotyping, please.
  54. We are bad at guessing, just say what you are up to.

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