September 21, 2020

7 Religious Shrines In India Housing Unexplained Paranormal Activities

We go to temples or shrines to safeguard from evil spirits while receiving blessings from the almighty. But what if the very religious complex becomes part of paranormal activities? Scare, isn’t it?

9 Structures Built Millennia Before Our Times Which We Can Still Visit

There are few temples or shrines that have been involved in paranormal activities which are both unexplained and unknown to the public.

1. Hazrat Syed Ali Meera Datar Dargah, Gujarat

It is located in a fort-like structure in Unava village. Take a walk around the Dargah, you can hear screams of people shouting. Sometimes, spirit sightings too have been spotted.

2. Mahendipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

The temple has been known for many years, for exorcism from evil spirits attachments and black magic or spells. Isn’t it so horrific to know? It’s supposedly one of the only places in India where live exorcisms are still practiced.

3. Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir, Gujarat

At this temple, people come to pay obeisance to Lord Hanuman, and also to drive away evil spirits. The place is said to rid people of haunting ghosts and evil specters.

4. Dattatreya Mandir, Gangapur

This temple is situated in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul district and people come here on the new moon every year. The deafening silence here is only broken by the screams of people who come for the exorcism.

5. Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi

Exorcisms are said to be performed in one room here. There’s said to be a room here dedicated to the ridding of evil spirits. Shrieks, yells, and screams can be heard from that room.

6. Chandi Devi Temple, Haridwar

Chandi Devi Temple is highly revered by devotees as a Siddh Peetha which is a place of worship where desires get fulfilled. Chandi Devi is considered one of the violent forms of Devi, and this temple is another common place for exorcisms and the ridding of evil spirits.

7. Dera Baba Wadbhag Singh, Himachal Pradesh

The Baba constructed a Gurudwara on a hill nearby (Dehra Sahib), opposite it; Manji Sahib, the place where the Baba used to meditate and relax. Here, you’ll see women offering prayers in a trance-like, otherworldly state, while young men in chains attached to the wall waiting for their own ‘cures’.

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