How Ancient Hindu Traditions Are Relevant Even During COVID-19 Pandemic

hindu traditions relevant covid

The entire world is struggling to face infectious coronavirus. It has formed a sense of uncertain lifestyle for the whole human race. Older people and those with cardiovascular or respiratory disease are at higher risk of developing severe illness due to COVID-19. Using social distancing measures and frequent handwashing is the best way possible to protect ourselves.

This ongoing pandemic reminds us of our age-old rituals and culture. Even before COVID-19, there have been prolonged epidemics like the plague, influenza, Spanish flu, etc. Coronavirus has once again served as a warning to the human race not to underestimate nature. In ancient Hindu traditions, nature is worshipped as nature is the source of life. The importance of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Sky in Hindu culture is quite significant. These five elements attribute to nature. In Hinduism, nature and tradition are interconnected.

hindu traditions covid namaste

The most common Hinduism practice of greeting, ‘Namaste’ has been adopted by most nations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This Vedic tradition is deeply rooted in the Hindu philosophy of personal hygiene. Instead of hugging or handshaking, practicing Namaste is far more hygienic.

The Hindu guidelines many healthy practices such as waking up early, bathing, exercising, etc. It is said that a person should wake up an hour before sunrise and preserve the power of nature. Although these practices are mostly directed towards religious implication, it makes people follow a healthy lifestyle nonetheless.

Washing hands before and after meals are yet another common practice amongst Hindus. There is even a specific description of how many times a person should wash their hands and feet after performing defecation or urination.

hindu traditions covid incence

Mental purity has become instrumental in fighting COVID-19. And Hinduism advocates for the purity of mind, speech, and body. The ancient meditation practice is relevant in this gaining spiritual purity through various life rules.

The everyday use of incenses and chanting prayers is an excellent way to calm the nerves. It clears your mind from unnecessary stress and brings your spiritual self to peacefulness. The ancient practice of Yoga has now been globally accepted as a gentle way to balance your mind and soul.

hindu traditions covid yoga

Even the Hindu death rituals are appropriate in combating COVID-19. Traditionally, Hindus are required to isolate themselves from others, especially the family members of the deceased. Despite it being purely cultural norms, the unseen importance is quite remarkable. As in ancient times, there was no accurate to diagnose the cause of death; people tend to detach themselves from others so that whatever disease the deceased was harboring wouldn’t be spread.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Hindu culture has been shaped in a way to combat pandemics with religious characteristics. As the masses strictly followed implementation sanitation and individual hygiene practice through spiritual values.

COVID-19 has been a wake-up call to the entire human civilization, basically in terms of understanding to live in harmony with every creature in the world and taking care of nature’s sustainability.