November 27, 2020

9 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Visit Gorkha At Least Once Before You Die

A 25 kilometer road off the main highway connecting Pokhara and Kathmandu brings you to an ancient Gorkha – the untouched and captivating town of Nepal! Some 300 years ago, Nepal was divided into 50 tiny states, and Gorkha was one of them. King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the founder of `Shah Dynasty’, unified Nepal into one kingdom.

1. History of Unification

King Prithivi Narayan Shah fought and conquered small states to establish the nation of Nepal. He was without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest warrior of Nepalese history. His legacy is still there to be seen in and around the magnificent Gorkha Palace. His Gorkha palace resides on top of a hill at an altitude of 3281 feet (about 1000 meter) The King would watch-over his people as far as his eyes could see from the tallest palace in the very center of Nepal!

2. A Weekend Getaway

Many Kathmandu residents tend to visit Nagarkot, Dhulikhel or other surrounding areas for a night out with their friends and family. Due to lack of internal tourism promotion, Gorkha has not been the preferred choice of travelers despite possessing breathtaking views. On a clear sky day, you can view Himalayan range including spectacular view of Manaslu and Himchuli Mountains, and panoramic views of the valleys.

3. Gorakhnath

It is a common practice of Nepalese to scream out Jay Pashupatinath or Jay Gorakhnath before entering any contest. It is believed to bring in strength into your performance. The very temple of Gorakhnath lies in Gorkha.

4. A Living Library for Education

If you a student of Sociology or Arts in general, Gorkha should be on your priority list. Gorkha has age-old culture and scriptures that are worth a look.

5. Oranges

If you like oranges, Gorkha is the place to be. You can hand-pick oranges by yourself at the orchard.

6. Gorakh Kali Temple

The temple is symbol of dignity and respect blessed upon Nepalese women.

7. The Best ‘Dal’

Every Nepalese likes the lethal combo of Dal and Bhat. Gorkha has the best lentils in whole of Nepal to give you that ‘Dal Bhat power for 24 hour.’

8. Dashain Jamara Procession

During Nepal’s popular festival Dashain, Jamaras are brought from the Gorkha palace to the modern Narayan Hiti Royal Palace in Kathmandu. The King Prithivi Narayan Shah had moved the capital of Nepal from Gorkha to Kathmandu, and he is the founder of the Shah dynasty. Jamaras from Gorkha are used by the Royal family as a blessing from the King and above! On the Dashain Fulpati Day, there is a Royal Army parade, Fulpati procession to Gorkha Durbar and other activities of religious and cultural interests which visitors may find interesting to observe.

9. Military Might

Gorkha is the home of Gurkhas – the legendary brave warriors who fought with knives against guns.The Gorkha Army has become synonymous to bravery. May it be the Gurkha Regiment of the Royal British Army or the Gurkha regiment of the Indian Army. The valor of Gorkhali army is world renowned.

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