This Is How Women In Venezuela Are Treated For The Sake Of Beauty!

Venezuela is the only country credited with 6 Miss World, 7 Miss Universe and 2 Miss Earth awards. But, have you ever wondered what the young girls of Venezuela go through for the sake of these prestigious awards?

The World Edited Headshots That Would Look Trendy In Their Countries

From an early age, they are bound to follow certain rules and constraints. Beauty pageants are made to step in the modeling world at a little age so that they bring more glory to the country. Read further to know what all the young ladies have to go through in the name of beauty!

Breast Implantation at the age of 16!

In many cases, the girls here have to go through butt lift and nose surgeries at the tender age of 12, and sometimes, breast implantation at the age of 16! One of the contestants of Miss Venezuela of 2013 confessed in front of the media about having a tongue surgery to avoid eating solid food.  She also went through breast implantation and teeth surgery.

According to the media, even parents here feed their 8 years old daughters with hormones so that they get tall enough before adolescence. Girls are also made to wear corsets so that their waist remains in shape.

No Space for Natural Beauty

According to activist Taylee Castellanos, every girl of Venezuela dreams to be Miss Venezuela, but no natural beauty is appreciated here. She says that Miss Venezuela can never set a good example for women, as they can go to any extent for good looks and a perfect figure. Taylee is the spokeswoman of ‘No to Biopolymers, Yes to Life’, which educates women about the harms of liquid silicon used in butt injections.

Opposition From Everywhere!

All the activists of the world are strictly against the beauty academies and boot camps of Venezuela who can even force a 4-year old girl to learn ramp etiquette.

‘We Know How To Make The Perfect Girls’

The oldest academy of Belankazar is situated in Caracas which is known as the ‘Miss factory’. This place is surrounded by plastic surgery offices and around 600 girls come here to attend finishing classes. The director of Belankazar, Alexander Velasquez says that these schools help to develop a good image of Venezuela. He also believes that the girls of Venezuela are not beautiful, but he knows how to make them beautiful and perfect.