September 21, 2020

Science Says Redheads Could Possibly Have ‘Genetic Superpowers’

Dr. Augustin Galopin has revealed that redheads could possibly have genetic superpowers, in his book, Le Parfum de la Femme written in the year 1886! He allegedly detected that redhead women radiate and emit a unique aroma known as ambergris; an earthy and sensual smell.

Eventually, science termed this as a thin, acidic film on our skin’s surface. This is actually more in the case of redheads, which causes their perfume to evaporate and release a smell on its own. Galopin’s book is full of fascinating observations and facts about Redheads.

‘Gingers’ or redheads are quite rare and unique and account for only 2% of the population. Research shows that they have a much higher tolerance for pain and require less vitamin D than the rest of us. This is probably thanks to the MC1R gene mutation which is what is responsible for their red hair.

These are some of the ‘facts’ from the book that show redheads have genetic superpowers:

They don’t need as much Vitamin D

Due to the excessive concentration of red hair and pale skin in European climates, they have adopted a much greater ability to produce their own Vitamin D. What this means is that when a redhead steps outside, they tend to produce more vitamin D than people with other colored hair. This gives redheads an evolutionary advantage especially because a lack of Vitamin D can lead to diabetes and arthritis.

They know when it is getting cold

They feel extreme temperatures much more strongly than others. The University of Louisville revealed that the lucky redhead gene, MC1R (which only redheads have), can cause the human-temperature-feeling gene to become overactive. This makes redheads more sensitive to temperature extremes.

They handle pain better

A study conducted by McGill University showed that redhead women are able to tolerate up to 25% more pain than people with other hair colors. Another study conducted by the University of Oslo found that redheaded women feel less pain when pricked by a pin. The University of Louisville concluded that it takes 20% more anesthesia to sedate a redheaded woman. That is some pain tolerance!

Red is the hardest color to hide

This is the easiest color to spot because red is a more intense hue. The bolder the color, the faster it will fade. The dye in the molecules found in red hair is considerably larger than other hues. Larger molecules cannot penetrate the hair like the smaller ones can and hence, there is no hiding the red.

They Are Not All Fair-Skinned

Many people believe that all redheads are fair-skinned, but this is not the case. There are native redheads from various places such as Papua New Guinea and Morocco. Hawaiian’s have their own word for redheads, ‘ehu,’ and they believe that redheads are descendants of a fire god.

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