Everything You Need To Know About Alcohol Including Its Invention

alcohol including invention

One thing is for certain that the alcohol fermentation process was discovered by the man some 10,000 years ago. But where did humans get the idea to ferment spirits and drink them in the first place?

Man discovered that fermented products produced desirable side effects when consumed. Alcohol made its way into every aspect of early civilizations including religious rites. Alcohol has been used as medicine in early civilizations. When traditional medicine was unable to deal with infections of bacteria and viruses, alcohol was often used for treatment.

Almost every region of the planet has its own special drinks. But How these alcoholic drinks became a part of our daily life? you are going to know all about alcohol in the video below. TED-Ed presenter Rod Phillips looks back on the 7,000+ year history of alcohol, which like many things, appears to have its origins with ancient Chinese civilizations.

In a Ted-Ed lesson written by Professor Rod Phillips and animated by Anton Bogaty, narrator Addison Anderson explains the evolution of alcohol over the centuries. This history starts off with an unwitting chimpanzee consuming overripe plums and discovering the benefits of alcohol that humans will discover shortly after.

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