Why Being Bihari Should Be Matter Of Pride And Not An Insult!

being bihari

The majority of the population in India thinks of Bihar in complete negativity. The word itself has become synonymous with poverty, corruption, violence, backwardness, and failed governance. The media are responsible for this overwhelming opinion about Bihar. But what is the reality?

It is correct that Bihar lacks proper infrastructure, has a lower literacy rate, and has an ever-growing population. Bihar has been a victim of political mismanagement for many decades with corrupt bureaucracy. However, this is not the whole story of Bihar.

Bihar is much more than what the media and general opinion portray it to be. There is corruption, but it is where the brilliant Chanakya gave the world ideas on politics. The literacy rate may be dismal, but Aryabhatta, a great ancient Mathematician, lived in Bihar. There is violence, but Mahavir founded Jainism in Bihar.

This sarcastic video by Bibhu Nandan Singh similarly explains the other side of the story. The everyday struggles of being a Bihari are presented beautifully in it.

Ek Bihari, Sau Pe Bhari!