September 21, 2020

23 Most Beautiful Chinese Women In The World

China has the largest population on this planet. Therefore, it is quite logical to have millions of beautiful women. Chinese women have a very peculiar appearance. The strong social pressure since ancient China has led to the obligation for women to become beautiful. It has endured tremendous advances over thousands of years, and even today, they hold their uniqueness to the most extreme. The elegant and sharp features are always appreciated.

With charcoal black hair and striking features, Chinese women are rather outstanding. Most Chinese women have flawless skin and luscious black hair. Other attractive traits include cute eyes, glowing skin, with always straight and flowing hair, and a fit body to complement it all. This contrast is enough to entice and admire their beauty. Additional features are considered such as their characters and ability to express themselves.

Most of these Chinese women are in the show business and their popularity has made them more visible. They have been able to participate in both local and international beauty contests. Some joined showbiz because of their beauty but others have been noticed after already being in the show business. These beautiful women have also given back to the community in different ways such as supporting the upcoming talents or participating in charity work.

It can be said that the Chinese type of beauty is not silicone breasts, full lips, and a California tan. Rather it’s a straight nose, with a yellowish tint to their skin, almond-shaped eyes, a narrow chin, and tiny lips. It seems that the Chinese standards of beauty are less aggressive than the European ones. They are very feminine by nature, often stereotyped as being very conservative.

Fan Bingbing

fan bingbing
Style Craze

Zhang Zilin

zhang zilin
Tokito Bashi

Meng Jia

meng jia
China Whisper

Wang Fei Fei

wang fei fei

Bianca Bai

bianca bai

Zhang Xiyuan

zhang xiyuan

Cecilia Cheung

cecilia cheung
Women of China

Gao Yuanyuan

gao yuanyuan

Zhao Liying

zhao liying

Wang Likun

wang likun

Angel Wang

angel wang

Lynn Hung

lynn hung
China Love Cupid

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Chrissie Chau

chrissie chau
Chinese Siren

Zhang Xinyu

zhang xinyu
China Love

Guan Xiaotong

guan xiaotong
Jing Daily

Ma Yanli

ma yanli
China Daily

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Liu Yifei

liu yifei

Tang Wei

tang wei

Liu Wen

liu wen
Global Times

Zhang Yuqi

zhang yuqi
China Source

Ming Xi

ming xi

Song Qian

song qian

Despite Chinese women appearing reserved or even cold at times, they are surely beautiful. Which one do you like the most?

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