15 Amazing And Beautiful Islands You Can Visit From Around The World

Most of the travelers of the world like the island for adventures, honeymoon or just exploring the beauty of nature. Here we are giving 15 spectacular islands of the world. These islands are dream destinations of every traveler. So, let’s pack your baggage and explore these amazing islands in the World.

1. Maui

Travelers said that Maui is a piece of land detached from heaven. The abundance of natural beauty is the main attraction of Maui. If your luck is with you then you can even see a blue whale. The untiring diversity of nature will never feel boring. At the time of going to Hana, you will find waterfalls and seven holy ponds at the end of the journey.

2. Kauai

Many people say that Kauai is  ‘part of heaven’. It is surely a Beautiful Island in the World. Kauai is a sleeping historical city full of Verdant, worm, and fresh gardens. Its heart touching landscape and immense dark blue water will take you to a different world.

3. Maldives

This tiny island of the Indian ocean will make you feel that you are in heaven. Broad deep blue Ocean will make you spellbound. Apart from that, there are many royal resorts and awesome villas. Basically, the Maldives plunges into the turquoise color water, living in the house made by white soil having supper in the middle of sunset.

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4. Providenciales

It is the most developed and populated in Turks and Caicos. There are some awesome beaches are in Providenciales. You’ll find luxury villas and resorts there. There are miles long coral reefs on the island. You’ll not forget the experience of stunning experience of Snorkeling and scuba-diving. The experience of Kayaking here is mind-blowing.

5. Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island is situated in South Carolina and it is an amazing Island in the World. This island is called ‘Royal Island’. Because this place is very favorable to the busiest mainstream Americans. This island has pride in its alluring fascination. It is a very costly place. There are many golf clubs situated on this island.

6. Bora Bora

Miles long turquoise lagoons, lounging on soft white sands, romantic sunset will make you feel that you are in heaven. You will never forget watching shark feeding in the Lagoonarium or the experience of swimming with turtles. Have dinner on the island’s one of the awesome French restaurants and then taste tropical cocktail under the sky with billions of stars.

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7. Roatan

This island of Honduras is a paradise for adventure travelers as well as romantic people. Roatan is famous for its famous barrier reef and awesome marine life. A combination of blue sky and crystal clear turquoise water will simply infatuate you. You’ll find various types of water sports here. Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, etc. also available here. You can’t forget the experience of swimming with dolphins.

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8. Mauritius

This 39 miles by 29 miles island of the Indian ocean is tropical heaven according to the travelers. Here you’ll find royal resorts, aristocrat villas. The beaches are also mind-blowing. Quiet Trou-aux-Beaches are popular with scuba divers. For those who are interested in deep-sea fishing, Rivière Noire is great for them.

9. Santorini

Santorini, the most popular island in Greece, situated in the Aegean sea. Do you know what Santorini actually is? Santorini is an island with a combination of fascinating scenery, spectacular beaches, world-famous wines, wonderful restaurants, 4000 years old history, an active volcano, and lots more. Wild beauty and amazing sunsets are just alluring.

10. Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the best island in Thailand. It is also a paradise for scuba divers, snorkelers. Koh Tao’s main beauty is under the water. If you don’t know diving, don’t worry, there are diving schools to help you. Stunning beaches and crystal clear water will make you feel amazed.

11. Sea Island

This island of Georgia is actually a summary of the oceanic aristocracy. Amazing marine elevation and intoxicate beauty attract travelers. A combination of all kinds of luxuries, alluring natural beauty makes this place magical.

12. Moorea Island

The island with its immaculate beauty is the pride of French Polynesia. This is the base camp for snorkelers and scuba divers who want to see the astonishing diversity of the life of coral. The green-blue water will definitely fascinate you. From August to October, you can take part in a mind-blowing whale watching tour.

13. Great Barrier Reef Islands

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is the world’s largest coral reef. You’ll find the biggest diversity of flora and fauna of the planet here. You’ll never forget the amazing coral formation, hundreds of species of spectacular fishes, dolphins, and whales. The heart of this Great Barrier Reef is Hamilton Island. The experience of snorkeling, scuba diving is just mind-blowing.

14. Oahu Island

This island is third in size among other major islands of Hawaii. Oahu Island is also called “the gathering place” as two separate but overlapping volcanoes are situated here. The asymmetric butterfly shape of Oahu Island is formed by two mountain ranges. You can see Pearl Harbor from here. The spectacular beauty of the island attracts travelers.

15. Big Island

This amazing Island in the World is of fire and ice. Here land and sea meet in the earth’s greatest epic battle. This is the home of the world’s most active volcano, two of the world’s greatest mountains, 11 of the world’s 13 climate zone. This island is completely different from other islands of Hawaii. The beach of the island is spectacular.

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