Dirty Lessons From Fairy Tales That Will Surely Ruin Your Childhood Memories

It would be not wrong if I say that fairy tales have been around us since the time we were born and perhaps have always been able to fascinate us as kids. But do you know that fairy tales who always seem magical actually carry out some cruel and shitty lessons? Take an example of Snow White. It’s a beautiful tale undoubtedly but watching an evil queen dancing herself to death with red-hot shoes is no less than an example of viciousness.

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Well, if you failed out to catch such obscure meanings of the engaging fairy tales, then check out here as these immoral yet dirty lessons taught will force you to keep your kids away from not-so-good fairy tales.

Beauty and the Beast

Do you know falling in love with an ugly person could increase the chances of him turning into a handsome and attractive one? Now, I love this smart idea but what about the immoral lesson that it portrays? To be honest, it throws a message that ‘It’s fine to date an ugly and obese person with a hope that your love can change him’ but sorry to say that’s just false hope. Also, this tale dilutes the idea of one being beautiful inside and outside both.


You won’t believe but it teaches endless weird things:

  1. If you need to impress your dream man you should be dressed perfectly. Your clothes matter the most.
  2. It’s about how you look not how you feel.
  3. Also, if you are in search of your prince charming, you should step out of your home at midnight and he’ll probably find you.

The Sleeping Beauty

Oh well! If a kiss would have set everything right in place then people would have stopped trying and started kissing only. LOL! Moreover, it also tells that a prince who has never ever seen a girl can fall in love with her within a couple of seconds and heal her like nobody else.

Snow White

Mirrors talk, apple being a healthy fruit is always harmful and yes, it’s all about the cruel stepmother. Strange! Right? Snow White being a princess is flawless, excessively pretty and attractive and that’s why her stepmother hates her. I mean this is disgusting as it clearly shows a debatable relationship between a child and his dad’s new wife.

Be it Snow White or Hansel and Gretel, each of them has taught the kids that if they are going out with their dads on a trip like a campaign they are sure to get abandoned by their dads. Like seriously? After observing this how would a kid possibly trust his dad?

The lesson gleaned from ‘Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty’ makes one thing very clear i.e. if you are pretty, your stepmother will hate you because she’s not. Also, the princesses in all tales are shown full of overconfidence about their beauty – absolutely Narcissists.

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Dirty Lessons From Fairy Tales That Will Surely Ruin Your Childhood Memories

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