November 27, 2020

What If The Internet Was Destroyed? What Would Happen Then?

The reliability of the internet is too high for our generation. Internet developed in the initial stage, for the sake of keeping the computers connected, and for sharing information. This was then exclusively for the military. Just in case, if one of the computers is destroyed, the other one in the next node could retrieve all the data.

However, then, scientists sent the first message through the internet from one computer to another and then, an idea developed about sharing information and knowledge between two universities. It went like this for so long, until the concept of the worldwide web came to play, which said about universal access to the internet to everyone, to share and gather information and data, in detail.

So, if the internet went out suddenly, these are the things that will be affected the most:

Unable to retrieve data

if internet is destroyed

The military bases and the educational universities will be unable to connect and will lose a lot of valuable information and data. This will make people come to a dilemma and will, also be causing issues for every nation in the world. The world has all the information just a click away or just a touch away from them. Be it entertainment, learning, or communicating, all will have to come to fail. Moreover, the lives of people will be drastically affected.

Internet addiction

if internet is destroyed

There are people who suffer from internet addiction, and with sudden no internet, their lives will come to a withdrawal. Not just this, there will be bigger problems to face on a global basis. The internet has become an industry of over $8 trillion and the job opportunities provided by the internet or the internet-based activities are much higher than the usual jobs, about 2.6 jobs per person, and all of this was in 2011.

Economic recession

if internet is destroyed

Seeing the dependency of the economy on the Internet, every country will have to go through an economic recession. There will be a steep decline in the economy of every country, and a lot of people will be losing their jobs.

Lack of communication

if internet is destroyed

People will not be able to communicate about their mundane days to anyone in their circle because the internet had gone off. Basically, the effects of losing economy, mass unemployment, and inability to communicate will start wrecking the world, but this is not something every human on the Earth will have to face.


if internet is destroyed

The disconnection will arise the feelings of isolation and anxiety among people and when this will all build up, people will explode out of anger. They would start protesting and there will be riots. Conspiracy theorists will take this issue to the other way and will start questioning the cause of the removal of the internet. This will cause political imbalance and ultimately political fallout all over the world.

Alternate solutions

if internet is destroyed

The biggest countries in the world like the United States, the United Kingdom, India, France, China, Russia, etc. might come forward despite their dangling economies to contribute to the resurrection of the Internet. The GDP of Russia is just 1% from the Internet, so they might not really contribute, considering their frosty relations with the rest of the world.

Original internet will be lost

if internet is destroyed

The countries would make their own versions of the Internet and might deny public access. They might fill the Internet with the Red Content or other improper things and may spy on the other countries. This might cause global conflict all over again as it existed during the time of World War, and people will still be revolting.

It is difficult to go back to the time when the Internet did not exist at all, but people will slowly come up with something new to fulfill their needs that they developed from the Internet that they took for granted.

Would you be able to live without the internet?

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