Thong-Wearing Black Lives Matter Activist Twerks At Police In Raunchy Protest

thong wearing activist twerks

A thong-wearing Black Lives Matter activist has taken protesting to new places with a raunchy, pantless performance in front of rows of police cars with sirens flashing.

Onlookers could be heard cheering with excitement as the protester put on the provocative performance, twerking and doing the splits as several police officers and numerous police vehicles stoically watched over the scene.

At one point in the routine, another person got involved, repeatedly slapping the dancer on the backside.

The woman was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt and a facemask, but she could be seen pulling the protective mask down to shout insults at the police officers. The cops did not react to the display.

The woman’s actions have drawn ire online, with rapper 50 Cent singling the dancer out for criticism. “Now WTF would make you want to twerk at a time like this,” the musician asked on Instagram.

Twerking could be becoming something of a trend in the protests that have gripped several US cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death as Saturday saw Black Lives Matter protesters and LGBT activists perform the dance in front of cops outside Mayor Muriel Bowser’s home in Washington, DC.