September 16, 2020

How to Include Your Wife Or Girlfriend In The Upcoming IPL Festivities

The Indian Premier League (IPL) tends to be a tournament dominated by testosterone. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little male-bonding, the whole event can leave the special lady in your life feeling a little bit out of place, especially in a room full of your buddies.

As a man, there are some things you can do to involve her in the party that will make her feel helpful, welcome, and most importantly, appreciated throughout the big game. These things aren’t hard to do, either, and your relationship will thank you.

Ask for Her Help

You could probably whip up a killer IPL party in no time. You may know everything you want already, from the wall mount you just installed for your fabulous new high res flat screen with internet connectivity that’s about to be delivered to what flavor of buffalo wings you’re going to order.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for a little help from your lady. Food is a big part of any IPL match, so ask her to tag along when you go to the supermarket, don’t just expect her to do it for you.

Once you’re there, ask for her input on what to buy.  Again, even if you know exactly what type of food you want, that doesn’t mean you can’t add something extra to the shopping cart, does it?

When it comes to food at a during IPL, you should also make sure you get some things your lady likes. Even if all the guys love bargain-basement beer, your girlfriend or wife may not.

Make sure you grab a few items that you know she likes.  It will let her know that you want her to be at the party. Even more than that, it will let her know that you want her to be comfortable and happy at the party.

Outside of the kitchen, have her help out with the general setup. Haven’t put up your wall mount yet? Ask her to help you by handing you tools. While you’re doing this, chat with her. Ask her how her day is going, take advantage of the moment to flirt with her a little. You’ll both enjoy it.

Get in the kitchen

So, your lady does all the cooking because you tend to set the drapes on fire? Well, that doesn’t mean you should let her slave away when it comes to food preparation, especially when the food is for all of your friends.

Get in the kitchen and ask if you can help. Wash the dishes, chop onions – do whatever it is you can do. If you can cook without starting a fire, take the lead when it comes to cooking, but don’t forget to ask your lady to get involved, so she isn’t just sitting around feeling awkward.

Got Decorations?

You know the game is the most important thing on the weekend is IPL, and most of your friends aren’t going to care about the posters that you made for the big game. That doesn’t mean the special lady in your life can’t help out with some of the decorations anyway. Putting up decorations can go two ways.

If your lady is the DIY type, it might be best to ask if she would be willing to take that project on by herself. Some women would be more than happy to get lost in decorating the house or apartment – even if it’s just for one day.

If your lady isn’t so enthused about the idea of having to decorate the whole space on her own, you’re going to need to pitch in and help. Go down to the party store together and pick out some cricket-related stuff with her.

They’ll have tons of it. Once you get home, help her find places for it and hang it. If you’re smart, this is where you’ll get to show off how handy you can be – even if it’s just to hang a few paper cutouts of cricket bats and balls.

Be Affectionate

This one can be tough for many guys, especially if they’re focused on the game and really invested in the outcome.

It is likely the most important thing you’ll do with your lady when it comes to having an IPL match, in any case. You don’t have to hold your lady’s hand the whole time or cuddle in the corner for the entire pregame show and first half, but little bits of affection will go a long way.

Put your hand on her knee when she’s sitting next to you. Give her a quick hug or kiss when you meet in the kitchen to grab more food or drinks. Take the time to put your arm around her for 10 minutes. This little bit of affection will show your lady that you’re happy she’s there and that you’re glad she’s hanging out with your friends.

Enjoy the Time

Ultimately, IPL is about cricket, eating, and hanging with your buds, but it is humanly possible to make it fun for your lady too if she’s not a cricket kind of girl. Just in case you don’t know this already if she’s happy you’re happy.

So, put in the extra few minutes for each aspect of this party and make her feel like even though your focus is elsewhere, she’s still your best.

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