September 18, 2020

9 Fashion Trends To Avoid That Makes Your Body Look Like Shapeless Bag!

Keeping up with fashion is always great, but that doesn’t mean you wear clothes that make you look bad. There are many outfits in the market, which in the name of fashion, look trendy but make the person look horrendous!

Metaphorically speaking, some fashion trends will make you look like a shapeless bag. And women should avoid following such terrible trends that don’t suit your body types. Being old-fashioned is much better than making yourself look awfully worse.

Harem pants

harem pants fashion

Let’s face it, Harem pants are not for everybody. If they suit you, it’s fantastic, but if they don’t, you should not wear them. And don’t worry, you are the majority of the population in this. Nobody can deny that they are comfortable, but it makes your body shape look strange.

Push-up bras

push up bras fashion

Push-up bras have been on the fashion trends for a while now. Women love them, but let’s face it, they give you a sense of false conquest. And for some women, they aren’t that comfortable either.


culottes fashion

Culottes is trendy because it gives your body more of a square-shape. But here’s a secret, what you wear with Culottes is what makes the real transformation. Elegant shoes make culottes look like a skirt, and sporty sneakers are the worst idea.

Jackets with broad shoulders

jackets wide shoulders fashion

Jackets with broad shoulders are tremendous and the trend is back, but it isn’t for everyone. These clothes can create a more balanced look for girls with pear-shaped bodies. But those with the inverted triangle body shape should be careful as these jackets increase the width of their shoulder.

Oversized down Jackets

oversized down jackets fashion

While we are on jackets, oversized down jackets aren’t that great either. Most probably, it will make you look superfluously bigger!

High-low skirt

high low skirts fashion

The high-low skirt is one fashion trend that we will never appreciate! Anything that is in asymmetry makes you look weird!

Capri pants

capri pants fashion

You may like them, but we would suggest you stay away from them. The unfinished pantlegs make the body look much larger. And if you wear cargo Capri pants, the legs will look more prominent because of the pockets. So just don’t!

Knit fabric dresses

knit fabric fashion

The clothes made out of knitting fabric are very tight, but they don’t keep their shape because the material is only decent. It can create massive problems for you randomly while walking! So that is not good!

Sharp-edged shoes and short heels

sharp edges shoes fashion

And finally, shoes with sharp edges and shorter heels should stay away from as well! They make the feet look massive, which is terrible.

Which of the above fashion trends is against your body type?

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