What Men Interpret About Women Just From The Panties They’re Wearing

My initial thought was to do an article about women’s biggest pet peeves when it comes to men’s underwear, and that is certainly soon to follow. But after really sitting back and thinking about it and needing to make a trip of my own to the lingerie store, I was instantly perplexed. I decided to do my own research and see what men really think about our undies or lack thereof.

I came to a revelation that quite possibly the underwear you choose to wear, or not to wear, could really be a personally defining doorway to your soul. It might sound silly, but if you think about it one could learn a whole lot about themselves and all of the relationships regarding our male companions over the years and the correlation with our intimates.

My main question: what do men interpret about women’s panty selections and do we purchase them for ourselves, to feel sexy, or do we base our undies on the specific person we are with as we take it upon ourselves to assume we know what they like? Does it even matter what they like really? I mean, I probably could have saved or run from plenty of relationships knowing this newfound information.

So after a stand-up effort, I’ve narrowed it down to 10 poignant male-based opinions and interpretations regarding the perfect panties and how they totally affect how the man you choose to let see them perceives you. I believe now, as women, we could really have the control by possibly refining our personal styles. Our panties could be our tickets to happiness and the men we want and deserve to have.

Lace Panties

Due to the fact that most lace panties have a transparent effect, the majority of men have concluded that this gives off the impression that a woman is probably quite a lady, but with a ravishing and confident seductive persona.

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Thongs make things simple for us and are always a go-to for any outfit where panty lines might be an issue. As for men, they love this style as it exudes class and tells them the woman is confident, easy-going, and sexy all at the same time.

Panties with cartoons or slogans

The funniest pair of underwear I have personally ever seen happened to be a thong with a kitten’s face smack-dab in the middle and right on the front. To men, these types of undies, from Superman to Hello Kitty, give off the understanding that you are not only immature but also a completely repressed teenager at heart. Unless this is actually a joke or you have a strange one on your hands, the majority of men rule this to be a complete no-no and total turn-off.

The Bikini Panty

Another tried and true classic, similar to the thong, yet the general consensus would be much comfier and just a bit more conservative. To men, though, the bikini panty doesn’t at all seem to imply that one is conservative. Instead, men see bikini-panty-wearing women as rather flirtatious.

Panty with lace and bows

Shape and allure don’t really apply in this category of undergarments. These I feel are completely underrated and a perfect example of what we personally feel sexy in and think men adore. To the guys, panties with bows reflect that you’re a sweetheart, elegant and maybe innocently a bit shy and secretively mischievous.

High-waisted panty

Boy, high-waisted panties have been around forever and I believe the perception one might conclude completely belongs to the display. There are gorgeous high-waisted lingerie options, especially due to the revitalized retro movement from the Betty Paige and Marilyn days, that are completely sexy and make you feel elegant. To men, though, the consensus is about 50/50. There is a fine line between bombshell and the hope always avoided “Granny Panty.”

The Ruffled Bloomers covered in bows

This choice just isn’t one I’d personally go for unless you’re having a Little Bo-Peep moment. I don’t mean to be an ageist, but this type of underwear really has to be avoided, I would say after maybe elementary school. There is always going to be someone who loves these to death, but not many men agree with that opinion at all. To the overwhelming majority, these also fall into the ‘don’t do it’ category – even worse than those novelty cartoon knickers. Men think that underwear of this nature not only reflects that you are child-like and immature, but that at any point you could go absolutely crazy in a tantrum of rage.

Old Worn-out panties

Like guys, I think we can get complacent and just don’t worry too much about our day to day underwear choices, especially when we have been with someone for quite a long time and get lazy. There is also that pair of panties you just love and don’t want to part with, no matter how faded and totally worn to pieces they are. Panties with stains, holes and don’t fit correctly anymore give men the impression you’ve given up on being attractive to anyone, have low self-esteem and certainly no pride. These old “goodies and keepers” are a complete no to men anytime, anywhere.

The Boyshort

I think a comfortable pair of boy-shorts is not only cute and spunky but also totally makes you feel sexy. I have to say, a cute pair certainly highlights your very best of assets. Men were right on board with this panty choice and even said they really are one of the sexiest of choices, depending though on the fabric choice and being something you just wear to the gym. But, for walking around the house and just casual night hanging out, who couldn’t like a pair? Men overall said this panty choice emanated a confident, fun-spirited and easy-going type of woman.

Going Commando

It could be dirty laundry day, a panty-line problem or you could just be a lady who prefers not to wear a panty regardless. I think this is a questionable choice depending on your personal comfort and material complications regarding hygiene. The funniest example of a “Commando” lover was a woman who said it was one part of the wardrobe not necessary, so why spend the money on them. Well, guys all seem to be in full agreement with this choice with the exception of certain ages flashing their ailing parts.

The men agreed one of the best things to notice about a woman in the absence of a panty-line because it gives them the notion she might not have on a thing under there, and that is always a treasured thought. They also came to the opinion that a woman ready to go commando is probably ready to get down to business, doesn’t come with frills or fuss, and is totally open-minded. What could be a better choice for any man involved?