10 Ordinary Things You Should Never Think Of Doing In Public While In Dubai

Every country has its own set of laws that needs to be abided, even though it might be just ceremonial. What you consider as purely ordinary in your countries might be controversial to the extent that they are legally barred by the jurisdictions in other countries. Today, let’s look through the things you should never ever consider doing in public if you are in Dubai.

Drinking in Public

No! When it comes to boozing in public places, there are some set of rules that you must follow. While it is allowed for foreigners who have a license, the visitors can only consume alcohol in licensed hotels. However, never drink and drive unless you want to have one hell of a time in Dubai!

Usage of Drugs

Dubai has the strictest rules laid down for illegitimate selling of intoxicating substances. Hence, once you’re here, just SAY NO TO DRUGS! Well, say it everywhere because they’re extremely bad for health!

Street Dancing and Singing

If you are one of those over enthusiast creatures who love to dance and sing in public, well, Dubai is not the place for you to go! They abhor loud street music.

Scantily Clad Dresses

There are certain places in Dubai where scant dresses may be a strict no-no. There have been numerous complaints even by Emirati women about sleazily dressed foreigners.

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Public Display of Affection

It is not a country where people will go all “aww” for your PDA! So, save it for the hotel room!


Many travelers especially the bloggers are always keen to take photographs of people wearing the national attire. But you should be really respectful towards their culture and tradition, and always ask for their permission before clicking pictures!

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Mind your tongue!

Well, you can’t use abusive or vulgar language publically, not even amongst yourselves! Dubai has zero tolerance on such nuisance, so mind your tongue!

Watch your wallet

Though Dubai has got a low crime rate, some opportunistic theft does take place on the busy streets! So, mind your wallet and be careful!

Don’t eat in public places during Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan, people regardless of any religion are not allowed to eat in public spaces. Even chewing gum is considered disrespectful. Pregnant ladies and children are exempted from this rule.

Don’t use the left hand

People in Dubai don’t use the left hand to open doors, shake hands and eat! They consider it unclean, so refrain yourself from doing it! Hard times adjusting for left-handed people.

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10 Ordinary Things You Should Never Think Of Doing In Public While In Dubai

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