If Money Heist Is Made In Nepal, Who Should Play Whom?

money heist made in nepal

Spanish original TV series, La Casa de Papel, dubbed into English as ‘Money Heist’ has grown massively popular. Thanks to a gripping script, the fourth season is already a hit. Money Heist returned early April this year, and fans have bombarded the social media showing fascination towards the show. After watching the series, one would think – which actors would fit in the roles if it ever made in Nepal.

The Netflix series premiered in 2017 and ever since has been gaining popularity with the audiences worldwide. Quite rightly so, the internet has a newfound obsession in Money Heist. It offers excitement, sadness, and love affairs at every turn, keeping us absolutely absorbed with the show. Personality quizzes, tweets, messages, and whatnot. Your social media newsfeed might be probably flooded with posts related to the heist. Fan analysis of the characters and many theories are floating on the internet.

Money Heist is one of the best crime dramas you can watch on Netflix. What gave the show such a grand success? An intriguing plotline with unthinkable twists, the impossible heist, and meticulous planning. On top of that, the near-perfect execution of the operation. The highlight of the show is the characters, how they nurtured their role and their bonding amongst each other. Whether it’s Nairobi, Raquel Murillo, or Denver, everyone has done justice to their character.

With all the social buzz surrounding the show, fans are busy casting characters for the show if ever it is remade in their country. It’s exciting to know which Nepali actors could perform the roles in the Nepali adaptation if it ever happens. Which Nepali actors would do justice to the characters? Those who have binge-watched the show must have already established an idea on it. For the local Nepali audience, we found Nepali actors who would fit perfectly for each role.

Alison Parker – Samragyee RL Rana

alison parker samragyee rl shah

Marivi – Mithila Sharma

marivi mithila sharma

Mario Urbaneja – Tulsi Ghimire

mario urbaneja tulsi ghimire

Matias Cano – Najir Hussain

matias cano najir hussain

Benito Antoñanzas – Wilson Bikram Rai

benito antonanzas wilson bikram rai

Suárez – Biraj Bhatta

suarez biraj bhatta

Luis Tamayo – Shiva Shrestha

luis tamayo shiv shrestha

Alfonso Prieto – Neer Bikram Shah

alfonso prieto neer bikram shah

César Gandía – Robin Tamang

cesar gandia robin tamang

Alicia Sierra – Nisha Adhikari

alicia sierra nisha adhikari

Ángel Rubio – Suraj Singh Thakuri

angel rubio suraj singh thakuri

Arturo Román – Deepak Raj Giri

arturo roman deepak raj giri

Manila – Reecha Sharma

manila reecha sharma

Marseille – Nikhil Upreti

marseille nikhil upreti

Bogotá – Dayahang Rai

bogota dayahang rai

Oslo – Prashant Tamrakar

oslo prashant tamrakar

Moscú – Dilip Rayamajhi

moscu dilip rayamajhi

Mónica Gaztambide / Stockholm – Sushma Karki

monica gaztambide sushma karki

Helsinki – Sunil Thapa

helsinki sunil thapa

Palermo – Nischal Basnet

palermo nischal basnet

Río – Anmol KC

rio anmol kc

Denver – Karma Shakya

denver karma shakya

Nairobi – Swastima Khadka

nairobi swastima khadka

Tokio – Namrata Shrestha

tokio namrata shrestha

Raquel Murillo / Lisbon – Karishma Manandhar

raquel murillo karishma manandhar

Berlin – Rajesh Hamal

berlin rajesh hamal

El Profesor – Saugat Malla

el profesor saugat malla

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with our selection of the characters? If you have other suggestions, comment below and let us know.