15 Tips From The Restaurant Employees To Save Money And Enjoy The Dining Experience

Eating out is one of those activities that people love to do every once in a while. Plus, dining out with friends becomes a fantastic experience if done in the right way. Apart from that, this activity is also a chance to relive the best moments with your loved ones.

While having a meal with your friends or family members, you would not want to ruin the event at any cost. You would require everything to be at the best so that you can enjoy the time. It is also important that the meal is healthy and refreshing.

However, dining out these days has become expensive. As a result, a few restaurants have been robbing the customers and presenting little to no value for money spent. But today, we are going to share 15 excellent suggestions that will save an abundance of your cash, simultaneously providing you with the best dining out experience of your life!

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Stay away from the special meals of the day

Restaurant owners are pretty intelligent in putting up a board with a few dishes, terming them as “specials of the day.” However, you do not have to be deceived through such a tactic. Most of these specials are made from leftovers and are also much costlier than other items. So, don’t become a fool and make your own choices by thoroughly going through the menu.

Do not order the least expensive wine

It is a human psyche that they will also look for a cheaper option, especially when ordering wine. So, people would look for a more inexpensive wine. Thus, the restaurant owners would cater to the customers’ needs by putting the most pathetic wine in the cheapest category. The wine might look good at first sight. But, nonetheless, it would be hideous in taste, for sure!

Skip the pasta if the restaurant is not famous for it

Pasta is a dish that can either go wrong or right. There is simply no in-between! Thus, you have to be careful while ordering pasta from a restaurant that you are unfamiliar with. If you haven’t heard some good reviews about their pasta, the best bet is to skip it and order something else. Also, ordering a portion of pasta from a restaurant that makes non-pasta dishes is again not a sane option to consider as they would never know how to serve the best pasta!

Order Sashimi to judge a new sushi bar

Sushi is terrific when cooked to perfection. However, not everyone can pull off perfect sushi. So, if a new sushi bar has been opened in the town, you need to take precautionary measures. Therefore, order Sashimi first and make sure it is worth the money. Tasting Sashimi is one of the safest steps to take in a new sushi bar.

Look for the hygiene of the restaurant

The hygiene of a restaurant could be a major deal-breaker in having a good experience at any restaurant. If the table is clean and the environment looks pleasing and refreshing, the food would be good. Hence, just as you step into the restaurant, check the hygiene by moving your heads around. Thoroughly check the tableware as well. It will give you a good idea regarding the overall hygiene of the restaurant.

Clean restrooms are part and parcel of a reputable restaurant

Again, restaurant owners can never neglect hygiene, no matter what happens. If the surroundings are clean, the servers look well-groomed; moreover, if the restrooms are sparkling clean, your day is meant to become lit up! Clean bathrooms leave a perfect impression on the guests about the overall hygiene of the restaurant. Thus, you would devour the meal in peace.

Portray yourself as a reviewer or a blogger

 It is a fact that the restaurant owners are extra friendly to the blogger’s fraternity. So, if you want the best of the service, you can enter the restaurant as a blogger. You can introduce yourself as someone who will be writing about the restaurant. So, in this way, the attitudes of the servers and the managers would change immediately. You will be able to see the magic with the best of the food you will ever have in your life!

If something fresh is on your mind, order unsalted fries

Ordering salted fries is never a good idea as you would be unaware of whether these are fresh or not! So, never take a chance and order unsalted fries. Then, you can add the salt according to your taste. It is an excellent trick to check the standards of any restaurant.

Prefer to visit a bar for having food at your own pace

Restaurants never like their customers sitting idle after having a meal. They would shamelessly ask you to leave the seat as other customers might be waiting. In this way, your meeting with your friend could be destroyed. So, instead, go to a bar and have food there at your own pace. In a bar, no one would ask you to leave until you are willing to. Thus, you can gossip and simultaneously eat according to your likings.

Need a burrito with an extra portion of meat without paying a single penny? Order it without rice or beans

If you are craving a good burrito with some extra portion of meat and without paying a dime, you need to learn this trick. You can ask the server to provide you with a burrito without rice or beans. So, in this manner, they will have to fill it with meat as there would be no option left! Unfortunately, the hack is only going to work if you are to order a taco bell.

Confused regarding what to order? Have a chat with the server

Typically, you enter a restaurant without having any idea regarding what to order. Plus, the menu also confuses you when the restaurant is new. So, the best option is to have a chat with your server. The server would rightfully guide you to make the best ordering decision. They know everything about the menu and have good knowledge about the most commonly ordered items.

Order the drinks with no ice

Ordering drinks with no ice is the best option to consume drinks in the actual taste. The restaurants fill up the glasses with ice which brings down your beverage and deteriorates the taste. Hence, ask the server to serve the ice separately. But, if you are at a restaurant where there is an option of bottomless drinks, you can have ice as much as you want. You will indeed have no problems then!

Eat low-calorie snacks for avoiding health issues

You go to a restaurant, have a heavy meal, and then regret it later? Well, everyone regrets when they over-eat, especially when the snacks are rich in calories. So, you must search for low-calorie snacks and have them not to regret it afterward. Thus, the low-calorie snacks would not harm your health too much. Plus, your fitness goals would not be hindered as well.

Want to eat in moderation? Order soup as an appetizer

Soup is a go-to dish when you are unwilling to fill up your stomach before actually having the main course. So, you should go for soup and have it before having your main meal. The soup will curb your cravings and hunger and will leave a good room in your stomach so that you can devour the other dishes with the same intensity.

Pass up the beginning of a buffet

A buffet is meant to consume as many dishes as you can. But, the restaurant owners are very clever as they place cheap food right at the start of the buffet. So, you need to pass up the beginning of the buffet and swiftly move towards the expensive counter to have full value for every penny you have spent. The fundamental mistake that people make at a buffet is filling their plates with cheap food and begin to feel bloated just by having those dishes. Then, they do not have any strength left to check out the expensive food. Therefore, you have to be vigilant while filling your plates at a buffet. Play smart and eat the best!

So, here we have come to the end of our list that taught you 15 insane tricks that will help you whenever you visit any restaurant. Thus, apply these tricks and ensure that you have the best time with your loved ones while devouring the best food.