Curious Reasons Why Japanese Couple Tend To Sleep Separately

japanese couple sleep separately

As you get into a relationship, you tend to remain close to your partner through thick and thin. However, in Japan, the case is the opposite. Married couples in Japan are sleeping separately! In Japan, the houses are small, and the beds are comfier like anything. Even such a warm atmosphere does not make the Japanese married couples sleep together. They prefer to sleep on separate beds. Sometimes, couples even sleep in a different room altogether!

You might be thinking that some intimate issue is creating a hindrance between them. But it is not like that! Their belief system has led them to lead a life like this. Here we unravel the main reasons behind the Japanese couples not sleeping together!

Sleeping schedules

japanese couple sleep separately

The first and foremost thing that comes in between a Japanese married couple is their work. Irregular work schedules trap them into different routines, due to which they are unable to sleep together. Both partners believe in a stable working environment. Therefore, they do not disturb each other and let the other half sleep while working themselves and vice versa! Changing rooms can also be a good option. Hence, both sleep and wake up according to their set routine.

It is quite normal in Japan that the wife might be working and the husband will be free. Similarly, the husband would be working, and the wife would be free. Thanks to the non-stop working environment of Japan.

Therefore, couples hardly get any time that they might spend together. So, both the partners let each other function according to their set patterns because it creates a balance in life without unsettling each partner’s health.

Mothers tend to sleep with their babies

japanese couple sleep separately

As mothers are known to be the epitome of love and affection, they never prefer to leave their children alone in a room. Notably, Japanese mothers tend to accompany their children while sleeping. Hence, they have to sleep in a different room because babies always make noise in the middle of the night. Mothers being the best, separate themselves from their husbands so that the husband’s sleep is not distressed and the baby has someone to look after them all the time!

According to many kinds of research and studies, it is recognized that if a mother sleeps with her child, the sleep is more peaceful and tranquil. Also, when a mother accompanies the child, the child feels a lot safer and nurtures well. Plus, the child’s temperature and heart rate remain steady, which is quite perilous in infancy, and parents should be aware of it. Additionally, sudden infant death syndrome chances are also decreased if the mother is sleeping with her child.

All in all, the child becomes a lot more poised, builds self-esteem, and performs excellently in school and everywhere else. So, the Japanese mothers make their children robust and healthy by sleeping with them and ignoring their fathers!

Sign of peace and serenity

japanese couple sleep separately

No matter what happens, any Japanese woman would never compromise on their sleep even if the question is about divorce. Yes, Japanese wives value their sleep a lot, which matters to them the most, more than anything else. Hence, when they are sleeping, they would not like to be disturbed at all.

So, if a Japanese husband is looking to spend some quality time with his wife, he would have to think twice as his wife would Insomnot let him hinder her sleep. So, it is recommended to the Japanese men that they feel surprised in the morning time or whenever the wife is not sleeping. It would help the poor husband to at least get intimate with his wife.

Also, Japanese women prefer calmness in their sleep. If you are snoring or working till late at night, your wife would never want to spend the night with you! A husband needs to be still and silent while sleeping. It is what Japanese wives like!

Moreover, Japanese women are quite strict about their health. To maintain their health, they consider sleeping an essential part of their lives. So, if anyone is disturbing their sleep, they openly resist sleeping with them, even if you are their husband!

History of sleeping separately

japanese couple sleep separately

If we dig deep into the Japanese couples’ marital lives, we will get to know some severe facts regarding the husband and wife sleeping disjointedly, not because they might have fought but because they fancy it this way!

The futons are filled with cotton, which provided endless support and comfort to the people sleeping on them. So, in the earlier days, these futons were only of a single size, which means it only supports a single person. So, even if you wanted to cuddle with your partner, you would end up sleeping on a cold, freezing floor.

It never makes anyone comfortable. Hence, the trend kept on increasing day by day, and the Japanese couples started sleeping separately. Even today’s time, we come across such beddings in Japanese households, which means that the couples still prefer single beds to sleep on!

The single beds are also very cozy and eat up less space. So, it could also be the reason for not going with king-size beds. However, you need to sacrifice intimacy for it, which Japanese people have been doing for an extended period!

Tell us what you think about this tradition? Is it fatal for a healthy marital life or not? We would love to hear about your response in the comment section below!