21 ‘Singh-Size’ Things About Life Only Punjabis Would Understand

Punjabis are arguably one of the merriest of people you can ever meet. They have maintained an amazing personality of themselves that people always believe to be true.

They are loud. They are bold. They are brave. They are jolly. And they can take jokes on them really well.

Punjabis hail from the northern region of India and Pakistan. The legacy of Punjabis in battlefields are exemplary in nature. There are precise things that only true Punjabis can relate to, and we have enlisted some of them.

1. Patiala Peg

There is no 30ml or 60ml peg when it comes to drinking. Punjabis have their measurement, and that’s Patiala Peg. If it ain’t Patiala Peg, then it’s not a drink.

2. A Designated Drink-Car

You may have heard of a designated driver. But in every Punjabi wedding, you are sure to find a car that is stock with drinks. So that you don’t run out of whiskey.

3. You Know At Least One Vicky, Happy, Lucky, Sweety, Jassi

Your friends are Lucky, Happy, Sweety, Jassi, and likes.

4. Male and female have the same names

Names are unisexual. Harpreet can be a guy or a girl. Punjabi names are gender-neutral.

5. Punjabis are the live-wire of any celebrations

When you invite a friend to your party, it will just be a party. When you invite to your party, s/he will turn it into a celebration.

6. It is not Bullet, rather it’s B-U-L-T

The evergreen Royal Enfield is not pronounced as Bullet but B-U-L-T.

7. B-U-L-T is part of the lifestyle

Both men and women in Punjabis are fond of Royal Enfield to the most extreme.

8. Butter Chicken, Butter Naan, Butter Milk

Chicken, naan, and lassi is the perfect meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered!

9. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken can be rephrased as “National Bird of Punjab.”

10. After 9 PM Punjabi’s mother tongue becomes English

Kerala might have the highest number of English speakers, but after 9 PM Punjab beats any States in terms of native speakers of English. All thanks to Whiskey!

11. The evolution of “Singh Size”

You might be familiar with King Size, but Punjabi believes in the grandeur of Singh Size.

12. Excessive usage of prefix – “Ji”

Mummyji, papaji, puttar ji, and the likes.

13. The Canada Connection

You have more relatives living in Canada than in Punjab. Canada is literally the greater Punjab.

14. Dance is in the blood

Dance with your heart, not with your legs. If you do this then you dance like a Punjabi.

15. Punjabis can break your bones but not your heart

They may be tough but are generous by nature. They are caring individuals who love to serve the needy and treat everyone equally.

16. They are full of entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment

Entertainment is part of Punjabi culture. There is a pre-wedding party for a pre-wedding party. Their inclination towards fun is unmatched.

17. Punjab is the birthplace of Jugaad

A handy-fix for any problem is Jugaad. Punjabi certainly knows how to use Jugaad to their easiness.

18. “Oye” is the emotion that fits every situation

“Oye” can be used when you are happy when you are sad when you are excited, or when in pain. The multi-dimensional usage of “Oye” can only be executed by a Punjabi.

19. Truck

Truck and Punjabi are inseparable. The association with Punjabi and the transport industry may have been stereotyping but Punjabis do love their trucks.

20. More curse, more closeness

Punjabi is the most direct language. There is not buttering around the words, you speak your mind when you speak Punjabi. Therefore, if someone speaking Punjabi utters 3/4 curse words in one sentence, that means they are very close to each other.

21. Punjabis are fearless

Punjabis are brave and courageous. They don’t fear their enemies and history has witnessed the brave legacy of Punjabis.

Live Life, Singh Size!