September 19, 2020

This Tea Seller Has Traveled To 23 Countries With His Wife

Meet Vijayan, who runs a small tea shop in Ernakulam, Kerala. This tea shop is the source of his livelihood, the money from which is spent on his family’s needs, which includes his wife Mohana. The couple always wanted to travel the world. And as they say, when you want something from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe conspires to make it come true. That’s exactly what happened with this couple.

Vijayan and Mohana lived a prudent life and saved money enough to travel to 23 countries, which include Egypt, Singapore Jordan, and many more. Soon, they ran out of savings and the couple had to take a break from their travels. But they always harbored a dream – to travel to the United States Of America. But they had no means to do it.

That’s when the Universe conspired. The News Minute, a news website, did a story on the couple and asked people to donate money. Surprisingly in a very short time and after a huge donation from actor Anupam Kher, the couple added the USA to their travel list, as well.

This documentary called A Tea Seller Who Travelled the World is all about the life of Vijayan and his travels. We are sure this will leave you awestruck. Do take out time from your routine to watch this video.

Wouldn’t you want to travel the world too?

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