The Great Nepali Monsoon Brings Out Umbrellas, Flooded Roads And More

Nepal is beautiful heaven, as precisely expressed in the holy book was born after cutting the water source by Manjushree. The connection of Nepali people with water is deep and unbreakable. The monsoon starts in June or July and may stretch to August or September.

Nepali people’s life in monsoon seems more hectic than the rest of the season. However, it is the best season to get a rest as rainfall becomes a barrier to performing daily routines. Therefore, some Nepali people in monsoon are delighted, whereas some are unhappy.

Here, we are looking at the typical Nepali people’s typical life in the monsoon:

Nepali farmers in monsoon

The life of a Nepali farmer has been hectic since the beginning of the monsoon. They waited for a long time to welcome the monsoon. They stay alert and collect all the necessary equipment and paddy. The main task of a farmer is to cultivate paddy during the monsoon. The farmer doesn’t complain about rainfall and doesn’t rest. That’s why we are getting food.

Every drop of water during monsoon works as a Vitamin and essential nutrient for farming land. So, the farmer is the happiest person in the world throughout the Monsoon season. However, many farmers lose their ground due to unexpected floods and landslides. They lost animal livestock.

The other farmer shows sympathy and gives new rays of hope to begin their life. Thus, the monsoon may bring apart the lovely family of Nepali people and get a new family into one’s life.

Monsoon for Nepali Business/ Corporate people

At the end of Asadh, all businessmen and bank employees wrap up the budget programs. The tax offices collect annual taxes and audits. General people must go to the tax office or pay online to clear all taxes. They try to pay government tax even by taking loans from other people or sources. It saves ordinary people from extra fines.

The life of the businessman, house owner, and the bank manager is as busy as a farmer’s. But unfortunately, some lazy bones don’t work regularly. Such people find horror nights during monsoon to complete their annual report within a few months.

Trekking/Hiking life of Nepali people

Trekking or hiking is a fancy term for Nepali people. It is a trending topic among Nepali youths in the city area. But unfortunately, it is in practice without the people’s consent. In the past, Nepali people used to walk for days and nights to buy essential foods, clothes, and other materials from Muglan, the then-trade city of Nepal. Nowadays, it is preferred over degrading health due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Trekking or hiking is suitable in Mustang, Upper Annapurna circuit, etc., during monsoon. Some professional trekkers and international tourists go trekking or hiking during monsoon. However, normal people fear trek or hiking due to landslides, floods, bad roads, and long traffic jams.

Internal tourism is low in number in many famous destinations of Nepal throughout Monsoon. It affects the tourism industry. The work of tourist guides has reduced significantly in many places.

Housewives in monsoon

A housewife has a busy life as much as an office worker. She plays a major role in running a family. They wake up early in the morning. They cook food, wash clothes, clean houses, buy groceries and even pay bills for electricity, water, etc. So, they are busy throughout the day.

There is no vast difference, and they perform their routine task during monsoon. The difference is that they wait for warm days to dry clothes. Sometimes, they forget to pick up warm clothes from a rope. Then, they wash the same clothes. The workload can increase.

Similarly, they need extra energy to clean the mud spots on shoes and dresses. They rush to bring dishes back to the kitchen before rainfall. They visit many shops to buy fruits and vegetables. The cost is high, and doesn’t get what they want to buy. The road is blocked due to landslides, and public vehicle shortages occur.

The life of a Nepali Housewife is quite tricky in monsoon. But homemakers of Nepal find a way whatever the situation.

Nepali students in monsoon

Flood affects many parts of Terai. The student of Terai gets a Monsoon break when there is a high chance of flood and landslide. Nepali students go to school and colleges with umbrellas and raincoats. They are very energetic and obedient.

Few students from agricultural families may miss a few classes and help their family to cultivate paddy. But, while returning, many students wait hours in the shadow of trees because of heavy rainfall.

The life of all Nepali people is slightly varied during the monsoon. A high-class family enjoys a sip of coffee, while a medium-class family enjoys a cup of tea. Overall, the Nepali people have been dealing with natural calamities like landslides, floods, etc. for a long time. So, let’s hope Nepali people can solve the Monsoon problems.