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15 Things About The Century-Old Legacy Of Tri-Chandra College

Tri-Chandra College is the embodiment of the Nepalese education system. Being the oldest higher education provider in the country, it has witnessed significant socio-cultural changes in Nepal during its century-long existence. Here are some of the things you should know about Tri-Chandra College:

1. A century of service

Established in 1918 A.D., Tri-Chandra College is the oldest higher education provider in Nepal.

2. The Name-Play

The institution was founded as Tribhuvan Chandra Intermediate College, only to be renamed as Tri-Chandra College. It is a truncated combination of two words: ‘Tri’ of King Tribhuvan and ‘Chandra’ of Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher JB Rana.

3. Affiliation to Indian University

Upon its establishment, the college was affiliated to Calcutta University, and then to Patan University. It started with Humanities faculty in its maiden year only to add Science faculty in the second year of operation.

4. Older than Tribhuvan University

Although Tri-Chandra is currently affiliated to Tribhuvan University, the college itself is much older than the university, 42 years to be exact. Tribhuvan University was established in 1959 A.D.

5. A large number of students

As per the latest statistics, Tri-Chandra College has over 12,000 students enrolled. It houses faculty of Science and the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. And offers students up to Master’s level accreditation.

6. Library on fire

The college library caught fire in the year 2014. More than 2000 books and research papers were reduced to ashes in this unfortunate event.

7. Sardar Rudra Raj Pandey

Sardar Rudra Raj Pandey was the longest-serving Principal of Tri-Chandra College. He was principal from 1938 till the year 1951, he was teaching in Tri-Chandra from 1924 A.D. Before becoming the college’s principal, he was serving as principal to the Durbar High School.

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8. Student Politics

Tri-Chandra is infamously known for its student unions and a hub for breeding youth leaders.

9. Students still prefer TC

Today there are many private colleges in Nepal providing a variety of courses. Despite this Tri-Chandra continues to attract students from all over the country. Prime location, affordable tuition fees, and reputation hold significant advantages over other colleges.

10. Primitive teaching methods

Despite having gone through tremendous changes from its early days, the college still lacks in infrastructures and teaching methods.

11. Location, Location, Location

The college is absolutely at the very heart of Kathmandu. There can’t be a more convenient location for a college.

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12. Ghantaghar

The iconic ‘Ghantaghar’ lies within the college premises.

13. Saraswoti Sadan

‘Saraswoti Sadan’ holds the administrative block of the college.

14. New block

This is the newest addition to the college’s infrastructure that has enabled much-needed expansion.

15. Famous Graduates

Not many colleges can boast of having as many famous alumni as Tri-Chandra college. Some of the prominent names in Nepal have gained their higher education from Tri-Chandra such as Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Narayan Gopal, Kanak Mani Dixit, Gagan Thapa, and many more.

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15 Things About The Century-Old Legacy Of Tri-Chandra College

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