5 Most Unexpected Collaborations That Happened In 2024

2024 is not for beginners- it truly isn’t- from all the Jamnagar events to bizarre collabs between celebs, Sachin Tendulkar getting out on Munawar Faruqi’s ball, to Modiji taking a dip in the ocean for an underwater pooja- everything seems new and unprecedented. So, we imagine why our desi multiverse is not as famous as the Spiderman multiverse- because it is an even more jaw-dropping world. The recent Ed Sheeran and Diljit Dosanjh performance, Modiji and BeerBiceps’ awkward conversation- were also new ticks from my bucket list that I didn’t think I needed before! And to know that this is just the start of the year- that is insane (looks like we are finally out of our COVID era). Here are some of the most craziest and unexpected collaborations that happened in Multiverse 2024.

1. MS Dhoni X MC Stan

It was just January- the start of the year, and everyone was sleeping peacefully after enjoying New Year celebrations. But one ad Fire-Boltt was released online and the netizens went berserk. Reason? Well, it is not every day that you wake up and see MS Dhoni and MC Stan in an advertisement together! This unusual duo did the ad that highlighted the theme #GaleTohMil. Even MS Dhoni’s changed hairstyle was noticed by many and some even said that it was Stan’s influence on Dhoni. This collaboration was literally lit and we expect more such multiverse collabs in the future, right guys?

2. Ranveer Singh X Johny Sins

Ranveer Singh was quiet for too long- and it was unsettling. Until this advertisement made its way onto the social media platforms- the ad for Bold Care sexual wellness products. Neither the brand nor any other thing sparked curiosity- but the shocking collab of Ranveer Singh and the American po*nstar Johnny Sins! And, they enact a parody of Indian daily soaps- wearing kurtas, having weird hairstyles (except Jonny Sins!), and delivering over-the-top dialogues with loud background music. No wonder, the ad soon turned into a meme fest and for a few days it was the most trending topic!

3. Dolly Chaiwala X Bill Gates

Dolly Chaiwala is that Nagpur tea-seller who became famous when a video of him serving tea to Bill Gates went viral- and Bill Gates was the one who shared it! The more astonishing fact was he admitted that he did not recognize him and thought that he served tea to some random foreign guy. It was even more contrasting with the suit that Bill Gates donned and the unique and colorful attire that Dolly wears. They looked like two opposite personalities meeting and having a ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ session!

4. Janhvi Kapoor X Rihanna

Jamnagar was no less than a wonderland during the pre-wedding events of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. So many surprising things happened there- like Rihanna trying Orry’s earrings, or Mark Zuckerberg wearing a ‘Jethalal’ style colorful kurta for the first time in his life- anything was possible there! But, the video of Janhvi Kapoor and Rihanna sharing ‘thumkas’ on Zingaat was a new viral content on the internet. Seeing this new bond and the ‘BFF’ vibes that they had was something surprising and people were talking about it everywhere.

5. Elvish Yadav X Munnawar Faruqi

All hell broke lose when the recent Bigg Boss and Big Boss OTT winners butted heads in a cricket match. Yes, in the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL), Elvish Yadav, and Munnawar Faruqi played in opposing teams and they had a friendly banter, took selfies together, and gave their fans a delightful gift. However, even their friendly hug started an online debate and stirred another controversy as both of them had earlier had a fight and both their respective fans were busy throwing the blame on each other. Elvish Yadav, late on, even issued an apology for hugging Munnawar Faruqi- crazy!

Too many mad crossovers have already happened in 2024.  Get ready to expect the unexpected this year.

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