10 Things That Are Immediately Relatable To Every Nepalese

Ever wondered what separates us Nepalese from all other nationalities? It has to do with our approach to life and how we carry on with it. We are simple beings with highly satisfiable desires.  Our lifestyle revolves around a laid-back attitude which we are innocently proud of. Here are ten things that every Nepalese would relate to:

Momo will forever be your favorite food

No matter where you go, which restaurant you visit, and how much you browse the menu, in the end when the waiter comes to take your order your answer will always and undoubtedly include Momo. After all, Momo is the king of the heart when it comes to food.

Your source of news is ‘Routine of Nepal Banda’

‘Bholi banda re!’ Whenever you hear these words from any one of your friends or family, the first thing you check is the Facebook profile of ‘Routine of Nepal Banda.’  If Routine of Nepal Banda says it’s Banda then well it’s officially ‘Banda,’ no questions asked.

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Hanging on microvans and buses is your super talent

As a Nepalese, you are born with the talent of clinging while traveling. While it may not be safe, we Nepalese would still go on a bus packed with people hanging and keeping our lives in danger. This truly proves we Nepalese definitely are not scared. A true ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ that we are known for around the world.

‘Chiya Pasal’ is a place where wisdom flows

The tea-joint in your locality is where the most wisdom you will find. A group of uncles discussing the future of the country or a group of youngsters making a plan of a new venture, Chiya Pasal is the place where the knowledge lies and also the place where life-changing decisions are taken. As they say, every revolution begins at a Chiya Pasal.

At least one of your friend or family is in Australia

No matter which part of Nepal you are from, you will always have at least one friend or family who’s living in Australia right now. You definitely know someone who is settled in Australia. With so many Nepalese going to Australia, pretty sure we can now create a new state of Nepal there.

‘Buddha was born in Nepal’

While it’s a fact that Buddha was born in Nepal, there are some people who go around spreading false news that he was born in India. And whenever you hear otherwise your blood starts to boil out of anger.

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The Iron Gate, ‘S.L.C’

While in school you are actually trained to get good marks in S.L.C. Now known as S.E.E, this exam used to be called the holy grail of Nepalese student life. Hearing the phrase ‘life begins after S.L.C. from their family, has been the common norm to every student.

‘Mustang’ is your dream destination

Nepal is a beautiful country. And as a Nepalese, I am pretty sure Mustang is your dream destination, that is if you haven’t been there already. Heaven is a myth, Mustang is real. The beauty this place holds is something that we would never get enough of. And the peer pressure from your buddies who post pictures of them on Facebook is another inspiration to visit Mustang.

‘Daal Bhat’ power, 24 hours

Fast foods like pizzas and burgers are unquestionably tasty but no meal is incomplete without ‘Dal-Bhat.’ There is absolutely nothing that will satisfy your hunger more than home-cooked Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari.

Relationships are your most guarded secrets

Being in love is a beautiful feeling but when you’re Nepalese being in love is equally petrifying. Your relationship is your biggest secret. While your friends may know about it, there’s no way you will tell your family simply because of the fear that they might not accept it.