11 Things Every Nepali Bankers Would Discuss With Their Colleagues

The banking sector is one of the most sought-after job industries in Nepal. Gone are the days when you were pushed by parents to pursue a career in engineering, doctor, or pilot.

Bank provides a lucrative salary and the possibility for progression is up for grabs. Whichever bank you work at, you are sure to come across similar discussions amongst colleagues.

Here are such 11 things you are most likely to overhear at your workplace:

“12:30 bajyo, Chiya aayena!”

You wait for the tea to be served from the time you clock-in. And the occasional ‘aja chiya sanga k khane ta’ discussion starts as soon as the clock hits noon.

 “Thakka 3 bajne bela agadi aeko cha”

This is a dialogue one hears more often than their own name if you work in a bank as there will always be a customer who walks in right at 2:59 pm, knowing the bank closes at 3:00 pm. You’d rather not say anything to that person who has to attend the late customer, they are the most pissed off hungry banker you will come across your life.

What’s the plan for Friday?

Every Thursday afternoon, after the gate, closes for customers, if you hover around the bank premises, you will definitely know what plans they have once the bank closes at 2:30 pm the next day. Well, they have spent the previous five days working hard, they do deserve the break, and the excitement is justified.

“2:30 bajyo?? Katti kaam baki cha! Aja ni plan flop”

It’s Friday and the clock strikes 2:30 but the staff is still working, proving the half-day is just a way to please the staff like attracting a child with a lollipop. Finding a banker who leaves office on time is like finding a needle in a haystack, so…. it’s normal right?? WRONG. Working overtime on Friday is the worst thing that can happen to you and you wouldn’t want to mess with that person. Believe me!

“Oi tyo ta Chairman ko falano ko chora. Be careful!”

Those “Special People” always end up coming late.  Even when it is crowded and looks like a group of zombies have surrounded you, and when you tell the person to wait or the counter is closed, a small whisper comes from behind, ‘Chairman ko falano ko chora ho… phone aula mathi bata’. And you end up working hungry and pissed off but with a fake smile on your face.

Appraisal!! Promotion!!

Well, there is always a conspiracy theory that arises every time at the end of the year when its time for promotion. The appraisal has been changed, personal favorites have been graded better, some high official’s relative already has his/her name in the list and on and on it goes and some few “experts” suggesting how the appraisal should be done. In the end, it will always be a fair result if it is in your favor and an unfair one if it is not. Well, all it does is create a great deal of gossip and you get to know who is who in the bank. Overall it is a big entertainment for a few months.

Chutti Chahio!!

Well, the main reason for friction in boss and subordinate’s relation is…. you guessed it… CHUTTI. There is always another person who wants to leave on the same day you need it, especially in wedding seasons and you need to think of a good reason and rehearse how to say it for weeks. These overworked, overstressed bankers can’t even get their allotted leaves without complications, and thanks to the Nepal government, the usual festive leaves have also been cut down. So, it’s common to hear people talking “Chutti Chahio” on any banks’ premises.

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Gossip, Gossip, Gossip

A bank is one BIG gossip pool, and it travels faster than light. Be it linking of any person’s (in high level) affair with another bank’s high-level staff, an extramarital affair between staffs, somebody’s relative getting a good appraisal, who drank a bit too much in some office party or a mere who broke the office vase, gossip is always in a good stock going around and everybody in the bank knows about it.

I should have worked in some other field

Well as for all the negative topics discussed before, it is natural for any person to rethink their decision to join a bank. And yes, every banker has had a second thought about their career choice many times while working. Admit it. Don’t lie!!!!

“Bonus kati auncha?”

As you come near the end of every fiscal year, everybody is worried about the Bonus. A banker logs off like a donkey for a whole year just for this particular cash incentive they get as a bonus. There is always a person asking another one how much bonus you will get this year. Come on, your whole year’s financial planning, be it a vacation, shopping, or some other obligations, depends on that one bonus. Who wouldn’t be excited??

“Dashain Ayo!”

And finally, the most cheerful one, “Dashain Ayo!!” Why?? It is one of the longest holidays, you get to go to visit your family if you are in a different city and obviously the grand Dashain allowance. Dashain auna lagyo and Dashain ayo can be heard months ahead of the actual arrival of the festival. Just thinking about it makes me smile with happiness.

Whatever the discussions and criticisms bankers do, they are still proud employees of the bank who work hard for us with a smile. Respect!!