October 23, 2020

10 Interesting Facts About Women’s Cricket That Will Surprise You

It’s true that Women’s Cricket had never got the attention it deserves. The recent development in this format has made the situation of Women’s Cricket much better as the domestic players have started getting more money and now they travel better, stay in good hotels and get good grounds to play on. Still, we hardly recognize them and women’s cricket is never considered a thing of importance.

We have compiled some of the unnoticed Women’s Cricket Facts, just to enlighten ourselves towards this format.

The very first Women’s cricket match was traced in 1745, between Bramley and Hambledon in Surrey, England. The match was viewed by a large number of spectators.

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The first double hundred in international was scored by a woman. Belinda Clark former cricket player from Australia (1991 to 2005) has set this record and is inducted into ICC’s hall of fame.

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Women’s World Cup is two years older than the Men’s World Cup. The first world cup was held in England and won by the hosts in a one-sided final against Australia.


The first official women’s cricket was played in 1934, and it took 40 years to start women’s cricket in India.

The Indian cricket team won their first Asia Cup in 2004. They subsequently won 3 more Asia Cups.

Pakistan’s Sajjida Shah is the youngest player to appear in international cricket, playing against Ireland at the age of 12. She also holds the record for the best bowling figures in a one-day international, taking 7 wickets for just 4 runs against Japan.

Like men, women’s delicate parts need protection too. Women players also wear abdomen protector. The female version has a kit with a box, cup, and an abdomen guard.

The right term for a woman player in the field who is in main role with a bat is not a ‘batsman’ or ‘batswoman’ but ‘a batter.’ Commentators often use the term batsman.


Belina Clark scored the highest individual ODI score of 229 not out against Denmark in Mumbai in 1997 Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Jaya Sharma’s 138* against Pakistan in 2006 is the highest score in women’s ODI cricket in India.

Neetu David from India has the best innings bowling analysis in women’s Test matches, having taken 8 for 53 against England.

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