November 30, 2020

11 Habits Every Nepali Could Relate To No Matter Where They Live

Nepal is a country where anything and everything can happen. And being Nepalese has a peculiarity in itself, that is distinctive from any other nationalities.

There is unity, there is diversity, and there are scuffles amongst the citizens at times. But at the end of the day, Nepalese are easy-going people with ‘Jai Bholi’ mindset. We are happy-go-lucky citizens with tons of hopefulness.

Here are a few things that only a true Nepalese would relate to, no matter the country he or she is living in:

Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour

No meal is complete if there is no ‘Dal-Bhat.’ The fullness you feel after a good ‘Dal-Bhat’ is second to none.

Bunch of superstitious people

Our culture is filled with superstitions that no Nepalese ever questions to. No matter the explanation, we are a bunch of superstitious people. Nail cutting at night is strictly forbidden for reasons unknown, we yield if a cat crosses our path, we do ‘fooo’ if we touch our neck, and so on and so forth.

Gastric pains

This is our national disease. A Nepalese is never complete without Gastritis. It is our living style and irregular pattern of food consumption that aids in gastric pains.

Saturday is for haircut and Masu-Bhat

Saturday is the day for household chores, from haircuts to doing laundry. After the morning shenanigans, ‘dal, bhat and masu’ is a must for lunch. It completes our day.

Chiya energizes us

Just like our Dal-Bhat, we simply love our ‘chiya.’ We are Tea positive. If it rains, ‘chiya’ to the rescue, if the weather is nice, ‘chiya’ is our go-to drink. No matter how many coffee shops have opened, it doesn’t match up with traditional ‘chiya.’

Ani Ani

This is our preferred filler-word while speaking. It is equivalent to ‘um, er, uh,’ of English speakers. ‘Ani ani’ can be used in every situation, it all depends on the tone you utter ‘ani ani.’

Walking talking directory

We are good at relating to people. If you meet a Nepalese anywhere in the world, we are 87.8% sure, we will have someone, common friend or relatives. And we love to dig into a relationship and make ourselves part of the family.

10 Things You Can Do Proudly Only In Nepal, And Not Anywhere Else

Distance is in minutes

For us, distance is not measured in meters. We prefer to use minutes. When calls you and asks how far are you? We say, 5 minutes not 1 kilometer away.

Hoarding boards equal landmark

Due to the lack of proper street addressing systems in Nepal, we have built up our habit to dictate location with respect to hoarding boards as landmarks. I wonder how online delivery has been making it work till now.

Jaywalking is inborn

Again, we don’t have proper footpaths for walking. Therefore, we walk in the middle of the road. Even at places where there are footpaths, we tend to choose the road for walking. And forget about those overheard bridge, we simply don’t use it. But when we are outside of Nepal, we are the most obedient followers of traffic rules.

‘Milaunu na’

No matter the situation, we will say ‘milaunu na,’ from taxi fare bargains to making up governmental documents. We are good at ‘milaune.’

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