16 Everyday Things Whose Purpose You Never Knew Before

There are plenty of everyday things that we use day in and day out, without having the slightest knowledge of what certain things are actually meant for. Though we see them, yet we ignore them because we never knew it has a purpose.

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As human beings, we are quite inquisitive to know a lot of things, but these everyday things like a shirt loop, a pen cap, scrap materials on the clothes, a hole in the plane’s window never mattered to us. We bring you some of the everyday things and its purpose for your not-so-curious mind.

1. Hanging loop at the back of a shirt

Behind this loop, there are three theories, one purpose is definitely for hanging, the second was to tie collars of shirts when they were removable in the earlier days. The third has a very romantic meaning to it, with the loop hanging mean the man is single and if loop removed, then the man is no more single.

2. The Power cable cylinder

I am sure everybody’s eyes must have fallen at a cylinder on the lap top’s power cord. When cell phone comes too close in contact with the laptop and gives a weird screeching sound, this power cord called the ferrite bead suppresses those high-frequency noises.

3. The little hole in an airplane’s window

The purpose of the hole is to balance the air pressure, between the window panes’ inner area and the cabin of the airplane when it reaches the cruising altitude. The other is preventing the windows from getting fogged up.

4. Eraser’s blue part

One of the everyday things we use is an eraser. We all know that the blue part is meant to erase the pen ink, but we never knew that its purpose is meant for only thick papers because the blue is a harder side and the pink is a softer side, for soft erasing. That’s how we erase clean the mark on the paper with the blue side.

5. Shirt with horizontal buttonholes

Everyday things like shirts, where we have spotted the first and last buttonhole of shirts being horizontal, whereas, the other holes being vertical. If you never knew this then here it is, the purpose of these horizontal holes is to give a better fastening grip, hence, the first and last button need to be intact so that it doesn’t open up easily.

6. Sneakers extra eyelets

Sneakers with extra holes have a purpose. If you never knew then let me explain, that they keep that edge part firm and fixed, therefore not allowing it to rub against your ankles while running.

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7. Sneakers side eyelets

The designer’s motive for making those holes on the bottom of the converse training shoes was for ventilation purposes. Since the feet would fit in perfectly, leaving no gaps, therefore, these holes would allow air to pass through, preventing feet sweating.

8. The hole on the Spaghetti spoon

The spaghetti spoon has a hole and its purpose is to get the right quantity of pasta required to be eaten normally by one person. Though people have different appetites of eating more and less, hence, this spoon’s hole breaks the right average amount of spaghetti that a person eats generally.

9. Jeans small pockets

These small pockets of the jeans were invented by Levi’s in 1873. The purpose of the pockets in those early days was to hold people’s pocket watches. Many call it the contraceptive pocket or the change pocket to keep coins, but officially the manufacturers still call it the ‘watch pocket.’

10. Jeans rivets

In those early days, workers would complain of the jeans falling off their waist. They were the first ones to have worn them and never knew what to do? Then they discovered that some rivets would just strengthen the jeans in the most prominent parts and stopped them from falling.

11. Ballpoint pen cap hole

If an accident occurs, where a child swallows the cover of the pen and gets choked, then this hole will reduce the risk of suffocation and will keep the airway free from closing.

12. Extra fabric with the new clothes

You never knew before what these patches meant, well, let me tell you, it’s actually meant to check out, how the material reacts to different washing detergents, so that you get a basic idea, as to which detergent suits your clothes for washing purpose.

13. Measurement tape hole

The purpose for the little hole in the measuring tape is to fix it onto nails or screws when measuring, therefore, preventing it from slipping all the time, surely you never knew of this.

14. Measurement tape serrated edge

I am sure you never knew the purpose of this serrated edge on a measuring tape. Well, it is meant to mark a point while measuring because both your hands are occupied at that given time. So you mark up your point with the serrated edge for later referral.

15. Gas gauge arrow

Did you know that the gas gauge arrow in a car basically indicates which side of the car is the gas tank cap, especially when you’re driving a rented vehicle? Well, its purpose is to make it easier for you to park the vehicle at a gas station when refueling.

16. The curvy side of Bobby pin

One of the everyday things which women use is a bobby pin. Do you know that the curvy side is the bottom of the pin and should face toward the scalp? The purpose is to allow the hairpin to hold the hair better, making it comfy and restful.