21 Superstitions That Modern Day Nepal Still Overwhelmingly Adheres To

Nepal is a country known for its religious beliefs. Much the same as Nepal’s dialects, the religion and the lifestyle changes after radius of few kilometers. With wide-ranging ethnic groups come a spread-out variety of superstitions. Notwithstanding numerous falsehoods are not the slightest bit, recognized with any other culture, however they precisely or in a roundabout way are exaggerated by these elements.

Being a Nepalese, superstitions are the part of the parcel that we all grew up with, and these superstitions have manipulated our brain that we don’t bother even looking for its rational explanations. These superstitions are engraved in our mind and as obligatorily we follow it.

1. The Lemon-Chili Combo


Well, a lemon and a couple of chilies may give you a super tangy twist to your dish, but unfortunately, the Nepalese had some other plans to use it. Every second Nepalese house out of three has this superb combination hanging outside their doors as per them it prevents from any sort of bad omen.

2. The One-Rupee Authority


Complementing a rupee coin or note is a very common practice in birthdays, weddings, festivals, or at any parties when you are gifting the recipients in cold-hard cash. It is believed that one rupee distinguishes between a bland banknote against best wishes.

3. Crack Open Coconuts


Before you enter your newly bought car or step into your brand-new vehicle; cracking up coconuts is mandatory. You should break the coconut into pieces otherwise, your afresh purchased acquisitions wouldn’t be auspicious for you.

4. The Trilogy


Two’s a company, three’s a crowd. And three is deemed unlucky. It is believed that when three people are working together, it brings negativity and we have the notion to avoid it.

5. Use of Broom After Dark


This is complete NO-NO! Cleaning your house after dark will attract misfortune, according to the belief.

6. The Walkover


If someone is lying or sitting on the floor, you should not just walk over that person. It will cause in lack of physical growth.

7. The Black Cat


You see a black cat crossing the street, what you do? You either stop until another person goes ahead of you or you take a U-turn and go the other direction.

8. Throwing Coins Will Bring Prosperity


It is an ancient belief, that if you throw a coin at well or a pound, it will bring you wealth and prosperity. No hard work needed.

9. Cutting Your Nails At Night


This is another of the complete NO-NO! You can’t cut or trim your fingernails after its dark.

10. Touching Neck


You automatically go ‘foo-foo’ after you touch your neck. You will get Goitre if you don’t do so.

11. Spiders’ Myth


If you see a black spider around your house, it means one of your close relatives will suffer illness. Similarly, if you witness a white spider, it will bring happiness to your family.

12. Buying Clothes on Monday


It is strictly against the customs to buy new clothes on a Monday. Also, a person should avoid buying clothes on their birthday.

13. No Travel Days


We Nepalese have strict rules on which days you should not travel on dates that end in zero,10, 20, or 30. Also, you should not return back home from your trip on a ninth day.

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14. Eye Spasms


If your right eye acts funny, it means good news will travel to you. Whereas, if your left eyes act crazy, it will bring bad news to you.

15. Choko Choko


You have to utter ‘Choko Choko’ if you accidentally spit on someone while talking. The reason behind is yet unknown but we do follow it without any prior rationalizations.

16. The Infant Delusion


When an infant, especially, under a year-old comes into contact with a pregnant woman, he/she will fall ill.

17. Palm Itching


If your right palm itches, you will get money. If your left palm itches, you will lose money. As simple as that!

18. No Shoes Upturned


It is one of the deeply engraved superstitions with Nepalese. If you see a pair of shoes upside-down, our instinct would be to turn it and keep it aligned with the floor.

19. Hanging Mirror Around Your Bed


Having a mirror hanging by your bedside is considered to bring negative vibes.

20. Whistling Inside Your House


If you dare to whistle inside your house, you are welcoming evil spirits.

21. Slurping Curd


If you slurp curd before embarking upon a journey or joining the first day at your work, it will bring you good luck.