10 Walls That Have Stood Tall Till Now Are Praiseworthy Of Ancient Engineering

ancient walls

Ancient structures are mysterious. How could they survive the test of time? Built centuries ago and are still standing tall. How could the ancient builders have achieved this engineering feat?

The structures that we are going to talk about here have a history to them, which makes them famous. They have history, cultural or political significance and make for an excellent study for both ancient and modern times.

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Although, due to varied reasons, some of the structures may have lost their charm. Nevertheless, they remain strong as a tribute to ancient builders.

Diyarbakir Walls – Turkey

diyarbakir walls

One of the oldest and the most well-maintained walls in the world, the Diyarbakir City Walls are located in the Kurdish region of Turkey. The walls date back to the Romans and are said to have been first built in 297 AD. It was later expanded and fortified, as was a complex network of tunnels built behind it. There are some 82 watchtowers and four watchtowers on the wall. A part of the walls sat on a river bed, and thanks to erosion, now part of the wall has been turned into a cliff.

Western Walls – Israel

western wall

Also called the Wailing Wall or Kotel, it is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is an ancient limestone wall and is considered holy because it is part of the Temple Mount. The site of the wall has, for a long (from the 16th century, according to some) been a place of prayer. The wall is thought to have been built around 19 BCE. The Western Wall of Isreal is one of the most famous walls in the World.

Wall of Troy – Turkey

wall of troy

Constructed in the 13th century BC, the wall is located in northwestern Turkey. It is one of the oldest walls in our list of ancient walls and is of great historical importance. The wall was constructed during the Trojan War and believed in having withstood a decade-long siege. Presently, the Trojan Wall is a great tourist spot.

Hadrian’s Wall – England

hadrians wall

Also known as the Roman Wall, it was built in AD 122. It is a stone wall with a stone base, and while only a portion of the wall stands today, it covers a total length of 73 miles. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is regarded as a British cultural icon.

Walls of Ston – Croatia

walls of ston

The wall runs for 4.3 miles and was built to protect the city of Ston, which is why the defensive stone walls are called Walls of Ston. Sometimes also called the ‘European wall of China,’ the infrastructure of the wall is remarkably unique. The Walls of Ston still exist and are considered one of the most famous walls in the world.

Zimbabwe Wall – Zimbabwe

zimbabwe wall

Building the walls began in the 11th century, and construction work was completed in the 15th century. Today Great Zimbabwe is considered as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Although it lies in ruins today, the wall is one of the most famous walls in the world. Also, sometimes called the Great Enclosure, the wall played a defensive purpose to a place that was once the local monarch’s royal palace.

Saksaywaman Walls – Peru

saksaywaman walls

The wall of Saksaywaman is made of substantial dry stones, and we were made by cutting them to fit in with each other. Back in the 80s, the Saksaywaman was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Said to have been built in the 900 CE, a theory has it that the stones were shaped using river cobbles and then dragged by hundreds to men to the site where they are found today.

Walls of Babylon – Iraq

walls of babylon

One of the oldest walls on our list, the walls of Babylon, was built in 575 BC, the reminiscence of which still exists. Found some 85 kilometers south of Baghdad, the walls are remarkable and are said to have had a defensive purpose. Made of sun-dried bricks, the Walls of Babylon were one of the original Wonders of the World.

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Berlin Wall – Germany

berlin wall

The wall had physically as well as ideologically divided Berlin. Officially referred to as Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart, the wall was constructed in 1961 and taken down in 1989. The demolition of the wall was completed in 1992. The structure is credited with some of the cultural differences between East and West Germans. The wall today attracts several tourists from around the world and is one of the most famous walls in the world.

Great Wall of China – China

great wall of china

The wall runs for 13,171 miles and can be seen from space. As per historians, the wall was started to be built in the 7th century BC and was later expanded, rebuilt, and maintained by the Ming Dynasty. It was made of brick, stone, wood, tampered earth, among other materials. The wall acts as a defensive barrier from foreign invasion.

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