Be Happy Your Morning Commute Isn’t As Bad As These Rush Hour Traffic!

Day to day life goals is the most difficult to live up with, to find the constant motivation to rise, reach the office and comeback is easily the most challenging thing to do. The human tendency is such that one gets used to doing what at first seems challenging. While we speak of different challenges, the one which we encounter regularly is the peak rush hour challenge.

Knowingly or unknowingly we constantly try to outdo the one who is next to us in the search of that elusive spot be it in local transport or to speed away just before the signal comes to a halt. We are exactly going to discuss the same things in this article, where we will talk about different rush hour scenarios in different countries.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka witnesses a phenomenal rush hour traffic, which is quite easy to explain. The city still rooted in traditions has a large convoy of cycle rickshaws which occupy a large part of the road, owing to which a lot of traffic congestions takes place.

London, England

A dream city which many consider it to be, the Londoners swear by the rules which are laid down to them. Here we can see them waiting to catch their tube trains Enroute to work/home during peak hours.

Moscow, Russia

Russia’s capital Moscow is also quite unique in its own right when we address the problem of rush hour traffic. We can see thousands of cars lined during the peak hour traffic.

Kampala, Uganda

This city in Uganda is notoriously famous for its peak hour traffic. A glimpse at the taxi park in Kampala city, makes you understand that the taxi cabs are going to be the bulk of the traffic during rush hour.

Beijing, China

Undoubtedly this city had to find its way on the list, not for nothing. The capital city of the world’s most populous country is absent from the rush hour traffic behavior. From the picture depicted it is easy to understand how chaotic it must be.

Venice, Italy

With the city having given many other cities its own sobriquet it doesn’t come as a surprise that Venice finds itself a spot in this list. And for a city whose primary transportation is mainly through the water channels, gondolas stuck in traffic is not a very unusual sight.

Chattisgarh, India

This image would certainly make you think what exactly this is all about, yes that’s true. This is the idea of rush hour in Chattisgarh, India, where these guys have taken for their work.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

From the who’s who of the world to those cities who really don’t feature on may top of the table lists, here is the city of Siem Reap where rush hour traffic is best dealt with a charade of two-wheelers.

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Tokyo, Japan

The capital city of Japan, the hub of the world’s most advanced engineering, I guess it is the cost one has to pay for all the technology ammunitions. It is quite sad to this sight of train attendants hanging by the thread, so much for rush hour traffic.

Jakarta, Indonesia

When it comes to rush hour traffic, the Indonesian city of Jakarta is right there among the busiest. This is the primary reason why Indonesia is moving its capital city from Jakarta to the island of Borneo.