Beloe Zlato: The Angelic Ensemble That Is Keeping Traditional Russian Folk Songs Alive

The all-girl singing ensemble was formed inadvertently by a group of girls who shared a passion for traditional Russian folk songs. Their mutual love of old Russian music inspired the laying foundation of “Beloe Zlato” which translates as “White Gold.” These girls exude a positive vibe without frills, glamour, glitter, or tons of makeup.

Beloe Zlato, now based in Moscow, has become very popular and performs across Russian cities regularly. The original five members of the group, Darya Luneeva, Valeryia Grigoreva, Mariya Baranenko, Evgeniya Medvedchikova, and Maria Korneva, were studying music in Norilsk, a city above the Arctic when they started singing as a group. Over the years, the lineup has reformed, but three of the ladies have been there for a long time keeping the group lively. Aside from being visually pleasing, they harmonize so well that it sounds more like a human pipe organ. This sounds angelic, to say the least.

The ensemble comprises young skilled vocalists who will brighten up any occasion with their melodious voice, elegant performance, and equally vibrant costumes. They are more famous for singing in random places, in trains, malls, in the metro, in the streets, outside in the snow, and everywhere. Gradually they are building upon a growing fan following across social media. They are often invited to perform at public events, mainly orthodox, patriotic, or family events.

Beloe Zlato is a pure joy of life. These young ladies are just spectacular. Each of the girls is radiant and glowing in self-confidence. They have studied vocals since childhood and loves Russian music with their heart. Hundreds of thousands love these pretty girls with headscarves who give Russian folk songs a new twist with their charming touch. Most of their early videos were a capella; however, more recent ones include being accompanied by an accordion or balalaika. Sometimes they appear in old-style dress, sometimes in jeans and t-shirts. 

They can make you want to grab your passport, hop on a jet plane, and head to whatever street they are singing on, simply to express gratitude to them for making the world a much better place. They perform traditional Russian folk melodies in more modern arrangements while preserving the melancholy essence of Russian folk music. Yet, they are united in their common goal and desire to shine lights on the traditional, unique, and incredible Russian culture. Although very little is known about the ensemble, here are some of the current members of the group:

Darya Luneeva

The face of Beloe Zlato, Darya Luneeva, was born on July 25, 1993, in the city of Norilsk. She began studying vocals when she was eight years old. During her third year of studying at the Norilsk College of Arts, she held her dream of bringing Russian folklore to the masses. At this time, she asked four of her friends to create a student ensemble. These friends then performed in college, participated in competitions, and ultimately started their own YouTube channel. It caught on like wildfire and made the group a favorite among the viewers.

Valeriya Grigoreva

Valeriya was born on October 30, 1996, in Norilsk. Her mother and grandmother were music lovers and decided to send Valeria for music coaching. At the age of 5, she joined the Palace of Culture for ballroom dancing and signing. During her Norlisk College of Arts, she won singing and recital competitions.

Mariya Baranenko

She was born on January 19, 1993, in Zvenigorodka, Ukraine. Firstly, her family moved to a small northern village of Snezhnogorsk, Russia, and the city of Norilsk. At aged 7, her parents sent her to music school, and later on, she pursued music at the Norilsk College of Arts.

Ekaterina Radygina

Ekaterina was born on March 14, 1997, in Smolensk. She had a musical upbringing as her mother was a folk singer. It made Ekaterina fond of Russian music and desired to get a degree in music.

Valeriya Shcherbina

Born on March 20, 1997, in the city of Obluchye, Valeriya comes from the least musical family among the Beloe Zlato members. Her grandfather played the accordion, but the rest of the family had nothing to do with music. Nevertheless, she joined a children’s art school at the age of 8 and later entered the Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture.

Beloe Zlato, on the other hand, is too straight, too conservative, too white, too old-style, and too Russian for the mainstream media.