7 Genius Tips From Sleep Lovers That’ll Give You Bit More Of Sleeping

In almost every household or any other form of residential stay (like Hostel, Paying Guest, Hotels), we come across people who have the habit of waking up early in the morning, but we also come across people who are simply engrossed with their sleep. Sleep is an important part of life.

Such individuals who are so much engrossed with sleep can often cross certain limits to get that extra nap wherever possible. Here’s what they do to get that extra bit of sleep.

Grab the window seat when traveling

Out of home, out for work, probably taking any form of transport (bus, train, metro, car…) to reach the destination. Sleep Lovers, eye at the window seat, so that the head can be supported while taking a short nap till they reach their destination. If they get a chance to do so, they have a satisfying look on their face while de-boarding the transport.

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Home alone

They are always waiting for a chance to be left alone at home or in the hostel or in paying guests, simply to get that moment of undisturbed sleep. The door is latched, cell phones switched off, and a feeling that it’s going to be one of the best periods of sleep.

Hoards of excuses

Sleeping Beauties and Gentlemen, have hoards of excuses ready in hand or probably cook up one instantly, to drop a message to the boss for reaching late to office, just to catch up with some more extra morning sleep. Excuses like “Stuck in a traffic jam”; “metro too crowded”; “stomach upset, took medicine-will to reach in some time” and so on….And oh what peace when the boss doesn’t say much about your late coming. SMILE PERSONIFIED.

Celebration sleep

If a day calls for Celebration (Birthday, Anniversary, Festivals….), Sleep Lovers would like to start the celebration and the day with a long, good sleep. Such days would mean to wake up at your pace or probably keep rolling on the bed even if eyes don’t want to sleep.

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Parlors and spas are for naps

While the busy schedule and work profile demands an individual (both men and women) to look smart and presentable; a short trip to the parlor or spa gives them the benefits of both look and sleep. Till their major tasks are performed by other attendants, they don’t fail to take a nap wherever possible.

The upper berth preference

If you are traveling on a train, Upper Berth has always been a preference amongst travelers unless and until you are a senior citizen, in able to take a short nap whenever you feel like. But, there are many, chronic Sleep Lovers, who would cover the entire journey of more than 24 hours, just sleeping and would not even get down for food. They may probably not have anything as well. The only moment they are down and out would be to get refreshed.

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Back Bencher’s (a term we have all come across during our school days). There are two types of Back Benchers; one who is least bothered about studies and would like to indulge in other activities behind the back and others for the sake of getting some extra dozing.

They would probably like to doze off for some seconds unnoticed with a feeling of satisfaction.