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10 Better Ways To Wear Those High Waist Pants

The high waist jeans have been revived this season and they are no more the ‘mom jeans’. The high waist style is the new favorite among celebrities. They are preferable not only for their comfort but also for their stylish look. It is perfect to show off your curves and throw the focus to your waist for every body type.

The high waist trend is not just limited to the 70’s era but has been worn by a lot of celebrities and a new favorite on the runway. It can be worn perfectly with a simple tailored shirt, cardigan or basic top for a casual look. The simple accessories like a chunky or skinny belt can go well to mix and match. You can combine it with narrow tees, and knits this season for an elegant look.

There are a lot of varieties from skinny high waist jeans, A-line, cotton, linen pants, flared and wide-legged pants that can be experimented for a trendy look. Remember to wear the pants on the natural waist and pick the ones that fit you well.

10. Casual High waist skinny jeans

You can wear your favorite high waist skinny jeans with a basic tank top or crisp white shirt for a natural panache. It is not only casual but also stylish. Combine them with a skinny belt to finish the look for sophisticated charm. You can go for beige skinny belt with beige platforms or heels to adopt a casual look during the day. Otherwise, go for a striking color shoe like orange or red for a special occasion or night wear. Keep your makeup dewy and minimalistic. Simple and minimalistic always wins hearts!

9. Sweater with high waist pants

Sweater with high waist pants

If it is a breezy or little cold outside and you are too bored to add any extra layers to your clothing, then opt for a simple sweater top. Make sure to check your wardrobe for basic essentials as these go a long way to add some style to your look! You can opt for a printed sweater top with high waist jeans for a special look. Go for cropped sweater top if you are heading out for a special event and need to keep it stylish. A simple printed sweater can also be tucked inside the high waist pants to draw attention to your pants. Go for floral prints or patterns this winter to add some charm to your look. Go for bold colors this season to add some style.

8. Stylish Formal look

Stylish Formal look

You can add some style to your daily formal wear by opting for high waist pants. They look formal yet add the sophisticated touch to your look. Opt for wide legged high waist pants that can be worn with a figure-hugging top. You can also go for a monochrome look to keep it formal and stylish. Wear it at your natural waist to accentuate your curves. Keep your look sleek and simple. Keep the look matte with dark lips for power look.

7. Chiffon high waist pants

Chiffon always adds elegance to any look and your high waist pants can be experimented with chiffon too! You can combine chiffon high waist pants with floral prints. Go for a statement bag with this look to avoid looking too decked up or over the top. Go minimalistic on accessories as the focus is on your elegant chiffon pants. Opt for earrings and bracelets for the floral look. Remember to keep makeup dewy with pink lips with a matte finish. Go for braided hair to finish the look.

6. Statement Look

Chiffon high waist pants
Chiffon high waist pants look great with a basic white top for casual wear. If you are in the mood to add some color to your lips and want to experiment with your makeup then basic look goes well. You can always go for glitter eye shadow or smokey eyes for the night. They can be accessorized with a chunky statement necklace. It can be worn with platform shoes or simple sandals. Make sure that the top is figure hugging. Go for sling bag to finish the look. Keep your hair sleek in a ponytail.

5. Cropped top and Cardigan

You can experiment with your favorite high waist pants with cropped top and cardigan for fun look. It is a breezy and safe look for casual as well as nightwear. Make sure to accessorize it with bracelets and elegant necklace with funky rings. Keep the makeup rosy with contour finish. Opt for simple black heels.

4. Statement white pants

Statement white pants

White pants can be worn well with colorful shirts and add a personality to your outfit. You can accessorize it with a simple skinny beige belt. It can be worn at a semi-formal event or special occasion. Make sure you opt for high heels and sleek ponytail to draw the attention to your outfit. Try to opt for chiffon white pants to make them look elegant. Cotton high waist pants tend to develop wrinkles. Peach shades for your makeup will be ideal for this look!

3. Casual Tank top

Casual Tank top

You can wear your high waist jeans with a casual fitted tank top by tucking it inside. This is ideal for an everyday casual look. You can also accessorize it with chunky neckpiece for an elegant look. It can be worn during the night with a jacket to make it look chic. You can keep the makeup dewy with peach undertones if a chunky neckpiece will be added to the outfit. Otherwise, you can experiment with your makeup by opting for bold colors.

2. Leather Jacket look

Leather Jacket look

You can opt for a leather jacket over a casual cropped top and high waist jeans. It is ideal for the gothic look or if you want to add some drama to your look. Make sure to go for smokey eyes for an evening look to add some extra drama to your leather jacket high waist jeans look. It is ideal for casual outings and evenings. You can combine it with a sling bag and matte makeup. Boots will go well with this outfit.

1. Bustier top with pants

You can wear your favorite bustier top in bold color or print with high waist pants. It looks classy and chic at the same time. Make sure to check for the perfect fit of the pants and the bustier top. This will ensure that your outfit looks well coordinated and not out of place. Do not opt for pants in prints. This will take the attention away from the top. Elegant cuts and bold colors are in this season for bustier tops. Go for classic red heels to finish the look.

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10 Better Ways To Wear Those High Waist Pants

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