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It’s Incredible How Gender Roles Differ From One Country To Another!

The gender roles have been predefined traditionally and most of the conservative nations still adhere to it. However, in many countries, there has been a role reversal with the women taking on the lead instead.

 1. Australia & New Zealand

According to the IQ tests conducted in these countries, it was found that the women were smarter than the men! This verily solves the age-old riddle – who is smarter: men or women?

2. Switzerland

In the last Western Republic to accede to voting rights for women, Swiss women with children below 14 find that the poor maternity benefits and high childcare costs make it compulsory for them to stay at home.

3. United Arab Emirates

Though considered among the best in the Arab world for the treatment of women, there are still some serious gender discrimination issues here. For example, 50% of the female population is scared of reporting rape after two women who did were sentenced to prison for engaging in extramarital relations!

4. China

Though the Communist Party rule emphasized gender equality, it was limited to participation in the workforce. Educating women or giving them rights due to their gender is still unheard of in the vast uneducated countryside.

5. The United Kingdom and Germany

According to statistics, there has been a tenfold increase in the number of stay-at-home dads in the UK and Germany. This trend has been sparked off by the fact that the women are earning considerably more than the men.

6. United States of America

Despite the fact that women are currently earning more than men in the USA, the statistics show that there is still a wide pay gap that has remained unchanged from 2002 to 2016. There is also a difference in pay between women with or without children.

7. Morocco

The Sahrawi brand of Islam is considered more liberal, with the woman holding the power in the marriage. She can divorce her husband if he displeases her. In fact, a divorced Sahrawi woman is highly sought after by suitors.

8. Tibet

In order to prevent property-related disputes, polyandry is still being practiced in some parts of the North Himalayas.

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It's Incredible How Gender Roles Differ From One Country To Another!

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