12 Everyday Things We Use That We Didn’t Knew Had A Name

We come across a lot of things on a daily basis and use them or just know what they are. While we are at the stage when we know what anything might mean or be called there are just so many things we don’t know have a name. Like do you know what the gap between your eyebrows is called?

Didn’t even wonder, right? Well, there’s a name for everything we know or have seen exists. That’s one of the best things people have done, even if the names of things we don’t know are really weird or something, they exist. These just always remind us of the world as something that has its own name and identity.

Below are the words for things you never knew had a name:


If you were a Phineas And Ferb fan you might probably know what Aglet is. The show actually had a whole episode dedicated to it and I can’t forget it till now. The tip of the shoelace that is covered in plastic is known as an aglet.


So, your nose is divided into two different parts and has two holes as we all know. But, what is that wall called in scientific terms? The columella is the bottom part that separated your nostrils.


We all have seen bumps on raspberries or blackberries which look somewhat like droplets. Apparently, they are named after them as well and hence are called drupelets.


The little bumps that help the ping pong ball with its speed are what we call as pips.


So, the space or the height gap between the extended thumb and index finger has a name and it’s purlicue.


The little flesh that we use to cover our ears when we don’t want to listen to outside noise is called as Tragus.


Everyone has noticed a small gap between the bottle top and the liquid and often get irritated by it as well. It’s to give space so the liquid doesn’t leak and is called Ullage.


Neither does this thing have any relation to egg nor corn. It means that whenever you use some word by mistake for someone else.

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Everyone loves rain and how it enriches the atmosphere. But, there’s this smell that feels like raw soil which most people love to smell is just priceless. Apparently, it has a name and its Petrichor.


Just like the wall between nostrils have a name, the skin between the eyebrows also has a name and it’s called Glabella.


Doctors have really bad handwriting and that’s something everyone knows. Apparently, what differentiates bad handwriting from Doctor handwriting is that the doctor one has a name which is griffonage.


There is a hole in guitars and violins which is used for special adjustments and audio. It’s called the F-hole. There can be many shapes for this hole like the S-shape or anything else.