8 Indian Women Types That Are Totally Awesome To Date And Get Married To

India is a land of diversity. From North to South, East to West, the country has all sorts of different ethnicity and cultures. You will meet distinct types of people in each and every state of India. Similarly, you’ll also come across different types of women when you travel across India.

If you are thinking of dating or marrying an Indian woman, this will give you a head’s up on the general behavior of some of the most awesome Indian women:

Mallu women

Big eyes, healthy long hair, beautiful features, and being awesome with academics makes them beautiful with brains! They are crazy about seafood and you can get a variety of seafood to taste if they are around.

Bengali women

Again the big beautiful eyes and their love for literature, books, and good fashion sense are enough to make men go crazy for Bengali women. They are no different from Wikipedia and so you can have an intelligent conversation with them anytime.

Marathi women

Marathi women, well, no one can take on you when she is around and so she will always keep you safe when there is a fight. They look cool in traditional as well as western outfits.

Gujarati women

They are the prettiest ones and are always sweet spoken. They are all daddies princesses and are witty just like their daddies. Gujarati girls are good with cooking and are generally green cardholders.

Punjabi women

They are just fab because they don’t do usual nakhras when it comes to food and they won’t mind gaining a few calories. They can handle themselves after getting drunk and are an excellent shopping partner.

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Tamil women

They are good with mathematics and science, so, they sure have the capability to impress engineers. Dusky or fair, doesn’t matter as they look beautiful anyway. Rekha and Sridevi are examples of beautiful looking Tamilians.

Marwari women

They have excellent business sense and you can never go bankrupt with her as she is good at saving money. They prefer big fat weddings and Marwari girls are crazy about lehenga choli and traditional attires.

Northeastern women

They are kind-hearted with a perfect smile and a cute face. They are fashionistas and plus you get to try tasty north east delicacies which you must have never tried.