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8 Things That Makes IPL The Most Watched T20 Tournament In The World

Every year the IPL fever grips India and cricket fans all over the world. The month-long cricketing extravaganza is second to none. The crowds, the atmosphere, the sixes, and the fours make it easily the most followed T20 tournament in the world.

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But what really makes Indian Premier League (IPL) the premium tournament that we just can’t have enough of every year. Here are a few things that make it stand out amongst all other tournaments:

1. The Noise

It’s a known fact that we Indians love noise. If there’s no noise, there’s no celebration. So we make sure to be present at a place that offers lots of noise. IPL is one such excuse, and the icing on the cake is that the noise comes with a lot of boundaries. Let’s go mad!

2. The Cheerleaders

These beauties make your evenings even more eventful through their power dance whenever a boundary is hit or whenever a wicket falls. They bring the oomph factor to the ground and make sure everyone notices them and their super dancing skills.

3. The Music

Aah, the music! Everyone loves music, right? And what happens when music comes with a whole lot of boundaries, cheerleaders and a maddening crowd. Life’s fun at an IPL stadium.

4. The Boundaries

An average of 40 boundaries is scored during a match. The match begins with sixes, the match ends with sixes and the match continues with sixes and fours. And why does the audience come? For boundaries and that’s total ‘paisa vasool.’ 

5. The last over thrills

Most of the IPL matches go into the last overs and it goes like 3 runs needed off last ball, 5 runs needed off last 2 balls, 6 runs needed off last 1 ball and lo someone hits a six! That’s the beauty of IPL.

6. International stars

The assemblage of international stars makes IPL all too exciting. Getting to see your favorite cricketers playing for your team is something to behold.

7. The chase

IPL is known for the big scores and the chase gets even more interesting when the team gets into the chase mode, trying hard to achieve the target. There’s a thrill in the chase, no?

8. Anchors and Experts

Another thing that’s unique to IPL is the assortment of world-class anchors and commentators. The in-game expert opinions are a treat to every cricket lover.

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8 Things That Makes IPL The Most Watched T20 Tournament In The World

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