7 Serious Issues Faced By Men Which Are Always Ignored By Our Society

There have been a hell lot of times when media glares have highlighted the women’s challenges that they have been facing in society to date. But somehow our society has ignored the problems faced by men. Well, it is a fact that at one end where men do not try to speak about their problems for the sake of solving them on their own, on the other, it is the habit of society to turn every problem of man into a subject of misogyny.

Well, I on behalf of the entire male community would discuss some of the major issues faced by men in the society that’s still dominated by males.


We all have observed domestic violence against women as a serious subject but what about the violent lives led by men? We all know that men live in a more violent atmosphere than women. They are more likely to get involved in fights and be victims of the violent acts that land them behind bars. Violence has always dominated a guy’s life.


Well, depression is something faced by every person at one or the other point in their lives and women are more likely to get subject to this than men but the thing that makes it one of the men’s issues is that unlike women, men handle mental illness very poorly. No joke, seriously. While women seek out help for their problem, men pretend as if everything’s normal with them even if it’s eating them inside out. All thanks to masculinity.


Education! Yes, you must be thinking about what’s making it an issue. Well, when we talk about the Bachelor’s degree, many men in the country are lagging behind the women by a definable margin. God knows, what’s making men trust the old masculine expectations.

Domestic abuse

Just like women, even men also tend to be victims of domestic abuse in a not-so-good relationship and even worse the society sees male abuse victims as pathetic and undeserving of any support and sympathy.

Prostate cancer

Just like breast cancer, prostate cancer is a highly sensitive issue but the research results aren’t that good in case of prostate cancer. Hence, it tends to be a major issue as the way our society is supporting breast cancer or any other funding, it should support prostate cancer funds as well.


As per research, it is observed that the ratio of homeless men to homeless women is quite absurd. Moreover, men are more likely to be left on the streets and live there than women.


Well, all the problems mentioned above are not as damaging as this last one. The same old notions of masculinity have affected a man’s life possible then anyone could ever. Though a lot of feminism is talked always and I mean this in a good way, the men’s issues are always overlooked in one or the other manner.

It’s high time to consider issues men are facing while keeping women’s issues in mind as well.