How To Describe Your Love? Take Some Advice From ‘Love Guru’ Bhim Niraula

Have you ever felt you can’t put your feelings into words? Or simply sense that your words are not enough to put your feelings known to your better half? Well, look no further.

This video by viral Bhim Niraula perfectly transforms your feelings into words. You can thank me later for finding this gem of a treasure. Bhim Niraula has made his presence felt on the world wide web lately. His ‘Sunday Morning’ has been played numerous times around the world, making him an internet sensation.

Bhim Niraula is back with yet another single, which is titled, ‘You Are Ray of Light,’ making the rounds yet again on YouTube. This time he has been chosen to appreciate his lover in every way possible. From making her the ray of light to moonlight after dark, and it goes on endlessly.

As the viral sensation describe his love as, “You are a ray of light when there is no sun in the sky, you are the moonlight when there is no moon. You are the star after the sunset that shines always in the darkness.”

You need to watch this video to fully understand the level of description that is being portrayed by the artist.

It is a hilarious yet brilliant way of describing your love for your loved one. Don’t you agree?